Beat Beneath
techno // house // electronic // bass // deep

Beat Beneath presents a selection of moods and rhythms from the centre to the edges of the dancefloor alongside interesting sounds from all around the musical universe. Expect dancefloor tracks, ambient abstractions, basement grooves, worldwide and otherworldly vibes and more, with a focus towards the more deep, heady and underground side of things but space for anything appealing.

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   15:00 - 17:00
   Sun, 30/10/2016
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got that fresh...
17/09/2016 // got that fresh...

as part of Subcity's week of introduction/musical indoctrination to the city's newest entrants to tertiary education Beat Beneath is broadcasting a one-off weekend night transmission (just like the good old days?) comemmorating some current favourites as well as some BB classics for those who know or those who want to; suitable live listneing whether you're about to head out or already done in from the busy week.

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