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14th March 2014
Stand and Deliver - Your Money Or Your chOOns!!
6th February 2014
LollychOOn!! - Pakistani Disco and Mutant Pop
17th January 2014
Smell my chOOn!!
22nd November 2013
chOOn me, you big dummy!
11th October 2013
BollychOOn!! Vol. 3 - Further Explorations
30th August 2013
The Good, the Bad and the ChOOns!!
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This programme was born out of the desire to share the best of the most amazing downloads siphoned from deep within the bloated bowels of the globetrotting music blogosphere.

A lost world of undiscovered artefacts and simply outrageous sounds await your careful attention with an oddball selection wandering through past and present independent music, worldbeat gems, exotic oddities, bizarre disco, creepy soundtracks, fuzzy library, deviant crossovers, primitive electronics, amateur incidents, nowadays outsiders...and forgotten fourth world composers. From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn"!


stand and deliver - your money or your choons!!

chOOn!! // 14.03.14 // Stand and Deliver - Your Money Or Your chOOns!!

Welcome back to your monthly music mixtape - tis chOOn!! On this show we serve up inter, intra and extra-terrestrial musics from this world and beyond.

Prepare yourself for musique that moves the continental plates with aftershocks to spare as we do the earthquake dance to Hawaiian Reggae from Finland, Radiophonic Jazz from Pakistan, Tribal Synth from Indonesia, Jungle Prog from Mexico, Groove and Slap from Iran, Catalonian Bleep & Fart, Ethiopian Electronic Warbles from the deep, Japanese Disney Classical rinses and so much more...

Grab a gas mask, call the emergency services and chOOn!! in!

Posted at 20:13, 9th March 2014

lollychoon!! - pakistani disco and mutant pop

chOOn!! // 06.02.14 // LollychOOn!! - Pakistani Disco and Mutant Pop

Lollywood, the Pakistani Movie Industry based in Lahore, can be approximated as a scaled-down version of its big brother, Bollywood. Lollywood didn't have the same amount of money, and had smaller distribution, smaller studios, smaller groups and even smaller records. (Pakistan only made 45 singles, with longer programmes divided into volumes as opposed to full LPs)

In the 1970s, Lollywood produced a slew of what were essentially exploitation movies, with titles such as Spy, Society Girl, Night Club and Miss Hippy among others. Musically, film soundtracks quickly interpolated electric and electronic keyboards, multi-tracking and re-sampling, because it replaced larger, more expensive “human” musicianship. To date, the excellent folks at Finders Keepers have released two collections of chOOns from the Lollywood vaults covering this period (1973-1980). These compilations were driven by mind-boggling percussion, analogue synths, electronic organs, “urd-glish” choruses that straddled jazz and surf and supplied plenty of clues about the characters involved in making these fantastic soundtracks. The Finders Keepers collections definitely gave the impression a golden age ended with the 1970s, and the little I’d read elsewhere had mentioned Lollywood’s decline in the 1980s as it tried to come to terms with censorship and restrictions on what was allowed.

Working with my man in Pakistan Farooq Muhammad and his library of original recordings from the Lollywood Archives I have put together a collection of Disco Classics and frenzied Mutant Pop that span the years 1980-1990 – a period largely overshadowed by an increasingly potent religious right allied to Pakistan’s military dictator, Zia ul-Haq. As we will soon hear, people will always find a way to entertain, even under oppressive conditions – I present a set of wonderful pieces of high energy, camp as hell, head scratching nonsense... or, as I see it, high art party music! I salute those involved for what they got away with! Dil Dil Pakistan and chOOn!! me down!

Posted at 14:18, 1st February 2014

smell my choon!!

chOOn!! // 17.01.14 // Smell my chOOn!!

Happy New chOOn!!

Greetings to yee-all and welcome to chOOn!! - the global music mixtape which takes you on a 2 hour hair-raising sojourn to the darkest reaches of the African Savannah, to the far flung corners of continental Asia's rugged plains or to the dusty shelves of some mentalist's basement in Hull.

Prepare yourself for musique l'exotic with rhythm to spare as we go ape to Rileyesque dervishes from Niger, Indonesian Disco bananas, African electro breaks via French Library men, Japanese Tribal Islands in the sun, Sudanese lullabies, Indian Freak-Funk and Synth, Pakistani Soundtrack shenanigans and so much more...

Grab a bongo and chOOn!! in!

Posted at 16:32, 12th January 2014

choon me, you big dummy!

chOOn!! // 22.11.13 // chOOn me, you big dummy!

The last chOOn!! of the year serves up a platter of spectral, psychedelic-pop and spaced-out global sounds, garnished with a side-clump of cress, craziness and crisps.

chOOn in for tastiness as Somalian Kids take on UNICEF song comp, Egyptian legend does Cartoon SynthstruMENTALs, BollyDisco King Bappi goes Goonies r good enough, French Library men masquerade as Arabic-Psych nomads, Sikh kids from Thailand make a case for going to temple - guitars, trance, bananas and so much more... chOOn!! in!

Posted at 07:56, 16th November 2013

bollychoon!! vol. 3 - further explorations

chOOn!! // 11.10.13 // BollychOOn!! Vol. 3 - Further Explorations

The 3rd volume of BollychOOn!! offers a bounty of south subcontinental '80s electro-disco-mutant-pop. While the previous collections have homed in on Bollywood's biggest Disco numbers and the electronic pop sound of Kollywood and Tollywood 1977-1993, this one follows in a similar groove with 24 songs selected for their dancefloor potential. Drawn from mr. chOOn's massive Bolly MP3 emporium, these chOOns were mostly written for original soundtracks and hardly known outside of their home region.

BollychOOn!! Vol. 3 offers you a techno-coloured burst of sonic joy bound to thrill with crammed arrangements and highly idiosyncratic beats fusing early synths, cut-up drum machine patterns, traditional raga-style melodies and typically emoting vocals. As you'll hear, this music is in a league of its own, augmenting Western pop ideas and electronics with a unique accent individual to gayaki style Carnatic music and the bombastic emotion of Indian cinema.

Posted at 08:23, 7th October 2013

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