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This programme was born out of the desire to share the best of the most amazing downloads siphoned from deep within the bloated bowels of the globetrotting music blogosphere. A lost world of undiscovered artefacts and simply outrageous sounds await your careful attention with an oddball selection wandering through past and present independent music, worldbeat gems, exotic oddities, bizarre disco, creepy soundtracks, fuzzy library, deviant crossovers, primitive electronics, amateur incidents, nowadays outsiders...and forgotten fourth world composers. From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn"!

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   Sat, 07/05/2016
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LollychOOn!! Vol. 2 - Life after Disco in Pakistan
22/04/2016 // LollychOOn!! Vol. 2 - Life after Disco in Pakistan

...And so the continuing journey to unravel the mysteries of Pakistan’s multilingual magnetic moog made masala of lost picture house pop reaches the next platform.

The music unearthed on today’s show provides us all with the universal sign for ''chOOn!!'' via a bizarre concoction of synthesizer orchestras, resampled drum machines, fuzz bow guitar zonks, batshit percussion, onomatopoetic creaks and jokes and helium vocal achievements.

The leaders of Lahore’s skeleton-staffed Lollywood film industry do their best to approximate, imitate and reinvigorate the disco sensation well into the 80s and long after everyone else had given up on it.

Please don those crotchless spandex hot-pants and reunite with us under the glitter ball as we bring you some of our latest undiscovered favourites from one of the most enigmatic and elusive genres of international film music. Your good friends Tafo, Nahid Akhtar, the mercurial M. Ashraf and queen Noor Jehan are back! Now let your faithful, wide-eyed catsuit clad mr. chOOn!! guide you through the 80s discotheques of Pakistan.

ps. Volume One can be found HERE - it's a trucking chOOn!! belter!

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