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This programme was born out of the desire to share the best of the most amazing downloads siphoned from deep within the bloated bowels of the globetrotting music blogosphere. A lost world of undiscovered artefacts and simply outrageous sounds await your careful attention with an oddball selection wandering through past and present independent music, worldbeat gems, exotic oddities, bizarre disco, creepy soundtracks, fuzzy library, deviant crossovers, primitive electronics, amateur incidents, nowadays outsiders...and forgotten fourth world composers. From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn"!

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   Fri, 05/05/2017
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Guest Mix #4 // Booty Carrell
07/04/2017 // Guest Mix #4 // Booty Carrell

Today we welcome our fourth guest mix selection - this time from B-Musicologist (Finders Keepers Records) and veteran resident of Hamburg's infamous Golden Pudel Club, Booty Carrell.

Carrell is the DJ persona of Sebastian Reier - Hamburg based vinyl archaeologist, radio host (ByteFM, Groovie Shizzl), record dealer (Groove City Recordstore), music programmer (Überjazz Festival/New Hamburg), compiler, unabashed turkoholic and self proclaimed ''Outernational Deejay Gigolo''.

A musical oddball-extraordinaire, he keeps finding insane chOOnage in records from all over the globe. His love for the Outernational can be defined by the way he picked his records for this exclusive guest mix, covering an array of under-appreciated gems within a myriad of wide ranging genres - he takes us on a musical journey through many countries, all the way from Wonky Pakistani OST’s to Saz Jams from Turkey through to heavy Romanian Future Nuggets, Thai Psychedelics, Indonesian Teen-Pop, Bombay Synth-Funk, Catalonian Fusion and everything else in between.

A unique blend of rare record aficionado and major chOOn beast mode, Booty Carrell captivates by spinning your favourite chOOnage that you didn't even know existed.

If a Turkish disco diva, a Pakistani record producer, and a Romanian folk dancer all got together circa 1976 in pre-revolutionary Iran, Booty would be playing their party.

chOOn!! in for schooling from the Outernational Gigolo… plus he has great hair!

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