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This programme was born out of the desire to share the best of the most amazing downloads siphoned from deep within the bloated bowels of the globetrotting music blogosphere. A lost world of undiscovered artefacts and simply outrageous sounds await your careful attention with an oddball selection wandering through past and present independent music, worldbeat gems, exotic oddities, bizarre disco, creepy soundtracks, fuzzy library, deviant crossovers, primitive electronics, amateur incidents, nowadays outsiders...and forgotten fourth world composers. From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn"!

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   Fri, 07/10/2016
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Chitty Chitty chOOn Bang
15/09/2016 // Chitty Chitty chOOn Bang

mr. chOOn!! is a musical oddball, who keeps finding chOOnage in records from all over the world.

For this latest instalment of Outernational radio he digs deeper within the meaning and origin of the chOOn - arriving at a brilliant and otherworldly hybrid of fine pop art and transcendent rhythms...

-- or in other words, MOTHERTRUCKING CHOONS!! --

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