The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 9th June 2010

Valentine's Lounge: Las Vegas, Nevada

Coin In The Slot // 1800-1900 27.01.10


The Untouchables Rello
Jibba Jab
Tik and Toc Vik
Gator's Groove
Willis Jackson Atlantic
The Grind
The Johnny Lewis Trio Coral
Jesse Stone Trikont
Camel Walk
The Saxons Sho-Biz
Caravan A Go-Go
Bill Haley and His Comets Bellaphon
Icky Poo
The Nomads Prelude
I Am The Lover Man
Willie Dixon Checker
Demon Lover
Bob and Lucille Ditto
The Caterpillar Crawl
The Strangers Titan
I Hate You
The Monks Polydor
Perdido Street
Herb Hardesty Federal
Wild Bird
Jive-a-tones Ace
Little Girl
John and Jackie Strip
The Torques Acme
Funnel Of Love
Wanda Jackson Capitol
Lots Of Luck
The Ravels Diamond
El Monkey
Saxie Russell Ran-Dee
The Applejack
Joe Morrs Atlantic
Part III
The Reveliers Lawn
Andre Williams vampisoul
One Man's Poison
Liz Lands One-derful!

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