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27th May 2011
NoFACE - Back from the bed...
29th April 2011
NoFACE Vs ERA (Electrikal)
22nd April 2011
Special guest - Dom D'Sylva
15th April 2011
8th April 2011
Pasteman (Cut & Paste) & Euby (Second to N
1st April 2011
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Playing the very best in Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Electro, Funk and Reggae, the Custom show, presented by NoFACE, features some of Scotland's finest talent from it's thriving underground scene with regular bi-weekly guest appearances. Everything is done to keep the Custom play list fresh and exclusive.

Previous guests have included Scotland's top drum n bass producer J Bostron (Hi Fi Drum records, Audio bullet Records), Edinburgh's Professor Fresh (Pangea Nation, The Infekted, Capitol 1212) and UK Turntable legend Dj Krash Slaughta (UK DMC Finalist 2006).


noface - back from the bed...

Custom // 27.05.11 // NoFACE - Back from the bed...

After a 3 week absence due to injury, NoFACE is back in action with a fresh crate of dubs! Ready to flex those fingers on the one's n two's, with new tracks from Hud Mo, Cardopusher, Lando Kal and Blawan to list only a few, this show will truly be a feast for the ears!!

Posted at 12:46, 27th May 2011

noface vs era (electrikal)

Custom // 29.04.11 // NoFACE Vs ERA (Electrikal)

Our Guest this week hails from Edinburgh and is one of the founding members of the Electrikal Sound System. As well as this, his residencies at both Jungledub and Big N Bashy allow him to unleash his intense medleys of jungle, drum & bass and dubstep upon respectable crowds most weeks while also co-hosting the weekly Big N Bashy show with Deburgh on internet radio outlet, Nasty FM. Just lend him 10 minutes of your eartime and he’ll no doubt show you why his nickname of ‘The Don’ has been affectionately bestowed upon him by those who see him ruff tings up.

Posted at 09:46, 29th April 2011

noface & dom d'sylva

Custom // 22.04.11 // Special guest - Dom D'Sylva

Dom D'Sylva stops by the Subcity studio to drop an exclusive mix live for Custom. Recently joining the ranks as resident for the Electrikal Sound System, his sets are as fresh as they get!

Posted at 15:18, 22nd April 2011

noface & taz

Custom // 15.04.11 // NoFACE & TAZ

Our special guest this week needs no introduction. Taz aka Taz Buckfaster has tunes signed up to Numbers and Rwina records, this boy is no stranger to the Custom play list!!! catch an exclusive set ahead of his headline appearance at Club 520 tonight!!!

Posted at 09:33, 15th April 2011

pasteman (cut & paste) & euby (second to n

Custom // 08.04.11 // Pasteman (Cut & Paste) & Euby (Second to N

Tonight on the Custom show, we bring you Pasteman & Euby in advance of their show at SUBFRICTION tonight @ CLUB 520!!!

PASTEMAN (Cut&Paste) A long time in the scene and a sound system veteran, Pasteman is part creator of in the infamous Leeds sound system known as Cut & Paste. Although he started out on the underground Rave scene in Leeds, Pasteman has began to focus more on his productions taking a unique approach to dubstep with stripped down sublow sounds and complicated melodies which progress into often soulful and clever breaks, his many influences show in his take on production and with his attention to detail and hard graft approach he looks to showcase a sound that pulls away from the harsher side of the scene. With more and more doors opening up to Cut & Paste and Pasteman it is sure to be an important year.


EUBY (Sumting New/Second To None) Another household name in the scene down in Leeds, Euby has recently been signed to COTTI'S label "Sumting New". This guy has some big releases on their way. Promises to go in hard on his Glasgow debut. Watch out for this guy!

Posted at 17:43, 8th April 2011

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