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Earthly Matters
15th September 2014
Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier
19th August 2014
. ancestral . spirit . voices .
22nd July 2014
Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)
23rd June 2014
. pagan . practice .
27th May 2014
Happy Meals & James Stephen Wright
22nd April 2014
. alternation . is . also . an . alteration .
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We reach further and further into the space-time continuum, the visions and possibilities are endless. We come across no boundaries or genre specifics. Just appreciation.

Music from throughout the world and beyond.


conal blake, kris bell & stefan blomeier

Earthly Matters // 15.09.14 // Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier

special broadcast with Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier

more info soon

- including live set from conal and stephen and special cold / new / no, industrial, post-punk sets from gareth and kris.

Posted at 10:56, 28th August 2014

. ancestral . spirit . voices .

Earthly Matters // 19.08.14 // . ancestral . spirit . voices .

"Incense representing the breath of life, is another aspect of this symbolism. It was presented to the dead together with an offering of blood, the mystical 'water of life.' The incense or breath was thought to pervade the blood, which stood for the red clay, the earth from which plants grow or the body of the first man brought to life by the breath of God. And so the double offering stood for the instilling of life into matter. The dead man could use the offered blood to make a material clothing for his spirit, so that he would be able to appear visibly on earth as a ghost."

Late night broadcasting with Unearthly Matters

~ more info soon ~

Posted at 22:41, 18th August 2014

frankie gallagher (kunst)

Earthly Matters // 22.07.14 // Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)

We have a very special guest mix from Frankie Gallagher who will be coming into the Subcity Radio studio to play a solid hour of house, acid, techno and coldwave for tonight's broadcast.

Without a doubt Frankie knows his records inside out in terms of timing, mixing, having a good understanding of how sound works and more importantly having a deep appreciation / love for music. We will be having a small interview where we will be touching upon his involvement in the Kunst nights that he runs alongside Kris Bell to his interests in audio engineering and even some of his own music that he has recently been attempting to produce.

You can also stream and download a mix that Frankie recorded for Bedroom Traxx back in June 2014 in promotion for Kunst's secret summer party on the link provided below:

Posted at 12:38, 14th July 2014

. pagan . practice .

Earthly Matters // 23.06.14 // . pagan . practice .

"There are still people who are considered to have special powers in connection with springs. The Clergy have Christianized them by putting them under the protection of a local saint. Sometimes, this has resulted in a curious synthesis of Christian and pagan practice. At St-Jean-du-Doigt, for instance the parish priests go in procession every year, in order to renew healing qualities of the spring, and dip a relic in the water.......

The sacred springs are reputed to cure a wide variety of afflictions, including eye troubles, infectious illnesses, chest complaints, fevers, rheumatism and toothache. They also have powers of divination...... Offerings are made to encourage a favourable prognostication; they usually take the form of coins, nails or pins which are thrown into the spring."

Join me for a wander into the hours of darkness for some nighttime listening as I guide you into the early hours of tomorrow morning before you eventually leave reality and gradually immerse yourself into the subconscious wøøøøøøørrrrrrrrrrrrld of dreeeeams and nightmåååååååååååååres.

Posted at 03:47, 24th June 2014

happy meals & james stephen wright

Earthly Matters // 27.05.14 // Happy Meals & James Stephen Wright

Fresh from their uplifting performance at the Night School records all day party at Stereo last night, I'll be joined by good friends Lewis and Suzi from Happy Meals who will be coming into the studio to play a live, rather spontaneous, improvised jam alongside artist James Stephen Wright from the Modern Institute.

Lewis plans on bringing in his Korg MS20, Electribe Esx1 and James will be bringing in his Monotron Delay and Dr. Boss SP-303 so it will be really fascinating to see what all three end up creating by the end of the night and how far they will stretch their sonic boundaries to their furthest possible conclusion.

We will be having an informal talk as well about James's art and the concepts that stem around them, Instructional Media, the new Happy Meals record, the Night School party, and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. I'll be playing records for the first 40 odd minutes and those guys will possibly be playing records too so we'll see how things progress...

Posted at 16:08, 24th May 2014

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