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Earthly Matters
21st April 2014
Mother (Heated Heads) & TONAL
24th March 2014
Marianne MWX (Maxi Dance Pool / Magic Waves)
24th February 2014
. Psychic . Tensions .
27th January 2014
Sybil Jason (Farced / Wierd)
30th December 2013
The . Meaning . of . Myth
18th February 2013
Featureless Ghost & Instructional Media
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We reach further and further into the space-time continuum, the visions and possibilities are endless. We come across no boundaries or genre specifics. Just appreciation.

Music from throughout the world and beyond.


marianne mwx (maxi dance pool / magic waves)

Earthly Matters // 24.03.14 // Marianne MWX (Maxi Dance Pool / Magic Waves)

Good friend and big musical influence Marianne MWX comes into the studio to play some records from her collection..

~~ More info soon ~~

Marianne MWX or just MWX for short is a record selector from Glasgow who helps co-runs two nights in the city. Maxi Dance Pool alongside Alan Miller aka Hush and the city's representation of Casionova's Magic Waves alongside Ian Harry Hall. Although the distinction between both nights stand out on their own merit they are perfect examples of two nights where positivity, open mindedness and leaving your anxieties and worries behind for a couple of hours is what matters when it comes to having fun and bringing everything that you've got on the dance floor.

~~ More info soon ~~

Posted at 16:49, 22nd March 2014

. psychic . tensions .

Earthly Matters // 24.02.14 // . Psychic . Tensions .

'' The dance, inherited from savage ancestors as an ordered expression in motion of the exhilaration of the soul, develops and broadens into the search for God, into a conscious effort to become part of those powers beyond the might of man which control our destinies. "

Playing an assortment of records to elevate your inner-most spirit; awakening supernatural powers and devils in the hope of propitiating them through song and dance.

Covering jazz, free jazz, instrumental / electronic abstract experimentations, ambience through to bleak industrial dissonance, dark / cold wave and synthesized punk.

Posted at 15:16, 21st February 2014

sybil jason (farced / wierd)

Earthly Matters // 27.01.14 // Sybil Jason (Farced / Wierd)

New York resident Sybil Jason provides a guest mix for tonight's broadcast.

Sybil has been running the blog Farced since 2006. Regularly updated with glimpses into her life living in New York as well as other ephemera, it is her excellent skill as a curator and the frequent mixes that she posts on the blog that noticeably attract attention.

Although her selections tend to explore the sounds of minimal synth, post-punk, industrial, noise and experimental music it certainly isn't the only reflection of her tastes. She will be reaching into the deepest recesses of her record collection for the mix that she has kindly put together for Earthly Matters, entitled "Querencia".

For any of you who may be unfamiliar with her, she has hosted Veronica Vasicka's Minimal Wave show on East Village Radio on a number of occasions and was also commonly seen playing at the excellent Wierd Records club night which sadly finished at the end of February, 2013.

The full tracklist and recording of the mix is available to look at and listen to on Sybil's blog on the link provided:

Posted at 19:34, 10th January 2014

the . meaning . of . myth

Earthly Matters // 30.12.13 // The . Meaning . of . Myth

"the myth which tells how the world was made is ‘true’ because the existence of the world is there to prove it; the myth of the origin of death is equally true because man’s mortality proves it."

Posted at 15:17, 30th December 2013

featureless ghost & instructional media

Earthly Matters // 18.02.13 // Featureless Ghost & Instructional Media

____ Featureless Ghost guest mix.

____ Live recording of the Instructional Media live band from So Weit So Gut back in November 2012.

Posted at 18:58, 18th February 2013

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