Positronic Cerebrum {Ean - Void}

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17th November 2014
Vickie McDonald & Toby Ridler (ZONE)
15th October 2014
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14th September 2014
Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier
19th August 2014
. ancestral . spirit . voices .
21st July 2014
Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)
23rd June 2014
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Earthly Matters // 1600-1806 20.06.12

positronic cerebrum {ean - void}

Friend of the show Ian Hall will be putting together a guest mix for us to play. Ean alongside partner in crime Twonko and residents Smiddy, Galaxian, Jan and Peacock are responsible for one of Glasgow's newest and most respected club nights. Void.

Since Void's initial inception at the beginning of this year, throughout it's short period of time they have consistently strived to bring to Glasgow some of the finest, most progressive dj’s and producers from the all over the world from Detroit techno and electro (D.I.E's very own DJ Maaco) to squelching acid house (Perseus Traxx) to deep, soul searching minimalism from Poland (Echoplex) as well as providing a platform for some of the most proficient local acts to show off their skills from Thunder Disco Club to Konx-Om-Pax to members of the All Caps crew.

Void's sound palette broadens far beyond those horizons as they encompass all of the great facets of music from Hip-Hop to Italo-Disco to Coldwave to Funk and further afield. It doesn't cater toward a specific genre, it is a celebration of music.

Fascinatingly almost each show has had a theme attached to it. From February's fantastically titled "Transmission From The Outer Atmosphere" (the poster has what appears to be spacemen floating aimlessly in space as they approach the sun) to March's "Set The Controls For The Event Horizon" (the poster gives you the impression that you are peering through an hexagonal window of a star ship as it enters warp speed). Being a big fan of science-fiction, the development of ideas/concepts/theories, the enhancement of technology and looking toward the future, I feel as if Void are wanting to combine both energy and matter so that they can transport us to the end of the cosmos where nebulas and clusters of galaxies limitlessly expand beyond your line of sight, whilst our minds meld and melt into the seeping gateways of time and space.

Posted at 10:15, 20th June 2012


~ ~ gareth's selections ~ ~
Onra Fool's Gold
Love Can't Turn Around
Farley Jackmaster Funk and Jessie Saunders London
Pygmy Funk
Spyro Gyra Infinity
It's On You
E.S.P. London
naps. self distributed
Pimpin' & Robbin
Triple Six Mafia Prophet Entertainment
Your Best Friend
Phuture Trax
Smoothies, Foodies, Flat Screens and Virtuality
James Ferraro Hippos In Tanks
Kofta moment
Digi G’Alessio Caoutchou
~ ~ Ean (Void) ~ ~ 60 minute guest mix ~ ~
Heliopause Robotmachine Records
Electro (Planetary Acknowledgements)
Aux 88 Uwe
Ballo Dei Morti
Brassica Cyber Dance Records
Fire In My Heart
Escape From New York Rollerball
Beautiful Plateau
Sonic Youth Goofin' Records
Freeze Frame
Delia Derbyshire Glo-Spot
Arabian Prince Stones Throw
Colonel Abrams MCA
Let Me Feel Your Body
One Way Third Label
I Need Love
Capricorn Delirium Records
Love Emergency
Mikki Pop Art Records
Unionens Sista Dagar (Brassica's Chicken Feed Mix)
Erik XVI ‎ Highpoint Lowlife
Primrose Path
Hashim Cutting
Techno Cop
Westworld West
Computer Bank
Robert Lawrence and Mark Phillips Quick Stab
Poke Inferno
The Chicago Shags Bunker
Jesus Loves The Acid
Ecstasy Club Swordfish Records
Work The Box (Vocals)
Santos Trax
Without The Music
Alek Stark and J. The Barber Original Street Techno Recordings
~ ~ end of Ean's ~ ~ 60 minute guest mix ~ ~
~ ~ gareth's selections ~ ~
The Wind
Chet Baker Columbia
Boyfriend Material
Wooshie This Thing
Ghosts I Have Known
Palms self distributed
Flamin' Teenage
Magic Eye self distributed
Drop Diva
Hella Suicide Squeeze
Edge Of Time
Charles Gayle Trio Clean Feed
Dancing Gods
Silver Apples Kapp Records, Vogue
Trip to Samye Ling
Mother Ganga Instructional Media
Sir Froderick self distributed

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