Special Focus: Japan

Earthly Matters // 1600-1800 26.03.12

special focus: japan

Gareth and Fergus bring you 2 hours of audio assault in the form of music straight from the land of the rising sun.

The home of weirdo garage psych-rock, revolutionary noise arrangements and harmonic synth-pop produced by old guys who seem to dress only in black. Japan has a lot to offer musically and during this broadcast we're going to be playing some of our favourite tracks.

Posted at 21:00, 25th March 2012


` ` gareth ` `
Urbanlight Obscure
Inner Science Soup-Disk
|ll.sugi self distributed
Jilu (Ver1.5.1)
Conflict (Japan) Soup-Disk
Cappablack Soup-Disk
Stimulated Emission
bugseed self distributed
Nerima Atsui Shinu
Ichiro_ self distributed
Cry Baby Flowers
Hisato Higuchi Family Vineyard
Riow Arai rar
Oni Pika Heart
Afrirampo Ki/oon Records
Kouhei Matsunaga ft. Internet Magic Important
Dear People
` ` fergus ` `
Sakura Sakura
unknown artist RCA Victor
Ryoji Ikeda Rasternoton
Musuu No Taiyo
LSD March Important
But I Was Different
Les Rallizes Denudes Phoenix Records
Rain Reverb
Kenmochi Hidefumi Hyde Out Recordings
Haruomi Hosono Another Record Company
My Only Friend
Keiji Haino Le Disques Du Soleil
Riot In Lagos
Riuichi Sakamoto Island
Boat of Courage
Michio Kurihara 20/20/20
` ` gareth ` `
Little Funny Fat
Daisuke Tanabe Circulations
Uma Esquina Em Shimokitazawa
Ill Suono Soup-Disk
Buy The Moon Of Jupiter
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F. Ace Fu
Realize You Are Living Dead
Himuro Bedroom Research
"◎" (Two Circles)
Boredoms WEA Japan, Birdman Records

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