Gravity Funnel Phase {Mother Ganga}

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Earthly Matters // 1600-1815 25.06.12

gravity funnel phase {mother ganga}

For our final broadcast (for a couple of weeks anyway) whilst Subcity takes a small breather for the summertime, we are really happy to say that one of our favorite electronic outfits from Glasgow, Mother Ganga will be joining us in the studio for an interview and will also be performing tracks from their latest 7 track release "Pineal Soup" for our first ever Earthly Matters live session inside the Subcity studio.

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Lewis Cook may have appeared under different guises over the years, participating in some of Scotland’s finest groups in recent times from the now on indefinite hiatus Yahweh to the house inflicted synesthesia of Special Hits right through to the mind crushingly thunderous psychedelic waves of The Cosmic Dead, but it is the music that he makes under the moniker of Mother Ganga that truly elucidates his talents.

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Whilst the aforementioned bands are collaborative efforts, what sets Mother Ganga apart from the rest of those groups is that this is very much his own project and this is reflected throughout the whole of debut release “Pineal Soup.” Listening to the record from beginning to end you get the feeling that it is very personal in the sense that a lot of time and contemplation has gone into making it from the translucent fragility of “Tenement Sunset” to the high spirited synth-pop sensibilities of “Do I?” with it’s pulsating bursts of energy and soul searching vocals, coruscating synths effortlessly ebb and flow into "Ganges Riverboat Disco." A gentle and lighthearted track that takes us on a fascinating journey through an exotic paradise where our desires never cease to end. Meanwhile "Patterns of Subsistence" takes us on altogether separate path, glacial vocals, distorted effects and fuzzy synths reach out to the listener in a state of longing and loneliness. Almost as if consciousness and unconsciousness were trying to overpower each other.

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“Computer World” reintroduces those pulsating beats and squelchy synths, it’s buoyancy carrying on the brisk movements and atmospheric tones of the EP, perfectly leading into the naturally relaxed and warm lo-fi softness of “Trip to Samye Ling” bringing the experience to a hazy end. 

Although most of the record might have a feeling of longing in Lewis’s own words it is a “struggle to find personal narrative" a note which accompaies the release of Pineal Soup, a reaction to the vacuousness of the digital age and how our lives can get lost within the world wide web and the endless consumption of information, there is an air of optimism that shines throughout. “Pineal Soup” helps us to persevere and truly seek out what we want to be in life without having to depend or rely on anyone or anything else to do it for us. In other words it tries to instill belief in our own abilities to get things done. The quote “I’m alive in all the that’s alive” from ‘Do I?’ best summarizes this.

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Pineal Soup is released through Lewis’s own independent record label, Instructional Media. A cassette label in the same vein as Leaving Records and Culture Dealer which hopefully will be the first of many to come out in the future.

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