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Earthly Matters
17th November 2014
Vickie McDonald & Toby Ridler (ZONE)
15th October 2014
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14th September 2014
Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier
19th August 2014
. ancestral . spirit . voices .
21st July 2014
Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)
23rd June 2014
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Earthly Matters // 2300-0100 02.06.11

soaring surface embers { 2 hour special }


Me and Fergus have been granted a lengthy slot tonight for the penultimate broadcast before summer. We are both going to be in charge of the Subcity airwaves for a full 120 minutes. With some other friends joining us in the studio as well. Dare I say it, but we're even going to use the decks for the first time as I'm finally going to brave walking from Scotstoun all the way to the studio with some of my favorite records. So I'm dreading the thought of them being stolen from me!



so here's a brief synopsis for the music we're going to play and what it conjures up this time


Soaring through the extremities of parallel embers within touching distance of the cosmos’s electrically charged, cataclysmic central position where the fulcrum of timelines of the past and future interlock beside the three barren pyramidal islands.

Whilst enduring shattered faces, transparently brittle bone structures, the consistency of syrup like gloopy-mushy mush, acid squelch mass, and abnormally distorted twisted shapes.

He searches for a prisoner caught within a sphere. The animal who revels in his enormous physical strength. A cultivator who constantly nurtured the nature of his surroundings. A golden coated vain and brazen sprinter. A collector fascinated with different species. And finally a cunning and deceitful intellect.

We’ve descended upon a cavernous battle on top of a chess board in amongst a plain and desolate desert. Reduced to the size of a particle and avoiding the treacherous optical rays that are being ferociously charged from the mightily powerful hands of the bearer of a semiprecious magical stone.

And all of this culminates in the devious capture of this semiprecious magical stone in order to take control of one half of the universe’s living entities. All six were required. All six were captured into his possession. All six grant the resurrected tyrant conscious longevity.


Posted at 16:22, 2nd June 2011


Burnin' Through The Nite
Outer Limits Recordings Olde English Spelling Bee
Om Namah Shivaya
Bill Wells Octet Domino
Rain Reverb
Kenmochi Hidefumi Hyde-Out Productions
A Girl Called Zara
Toomy Disco So Sound US
Matthew Cradduck White Label
Energia (Boogie Disco Mix)
Tevo Howard Beautiful Granville
37 Min To 7
Margaret Dygas Non Standard
Yasuo Sato Logos Recordings
Summer Haze
Echospace Modern Love
Holkham Drones
Luke Abbott Border Community
Tyree Cooper CBS
The Truth Is
Luke Hess Echochord
Burial and Four Tet and Thom Yorke Text Records
Zebra Theory (Loomer)
Bandshell Tea & Cake Records
Interlude (Telephone)
John Roberts Dial
Diamond Islands (Boddika Mix)
Hyetal black acre
Uptown Buck
Kingdom Discobelle/Trouble & Bass
Hi-Tech Dreams
Mad Mike Underground Resistance
Avion Return (Marcel Dettmann Mix)
Damon Wild Synewave
Afraid Of Seeing Stars
Dominik Eulberg Traum Schallplatten
Folding Space
Mathew Jonson Sub-Static
Mr Gorgeous (Vocal Mix)
Smoke City Pagan America
Bring Joy
Midland More Music
Leaving Without You
Korus Unreleased
Rumours & Revelations
Zomby Brainmath
Even Though You're With Another Girl (Phrex RMX)
Trentemoeller White Label
Ready For The World (XXXY Edit)
How To Dress Well Tri Angle
Relentless Drag (Mike Slott Remix)
Shigeto Free download
Baths Anticon
When The Sky Ends
The Flashbulb Alphabasic
Travellers Friend
Wisp TavCOM
I Lost Time (Visions Of Trees Remix)
A Classic Education Lefse
Kevin Shields OST
Sleep Patternist
Ship Canal White Label
º^º ~~~ end of broadcast ~~~ into ~~~ WORST CHIPS EVER ~~~ º^º

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