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This episode features an interview with funk-wizard Devonwho, 1/4 of the coast to coast, LA / Philadelphia based Klipmode crew. And a guestmix from Portland's very own experimental beat-centric: Citymouth. Expect oscillating flourishes of flashy synthesized funk melodies and rhythms. Desirably controlled hip-hop beats, to obscurely gentle, sci-fi electronic effects and ripples.

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Earthly Matters // 0110-0310 04.11.11

marble plated reflects {devonwho & citymouth}


For this particular broadcast of Earthly Matters, I am pleased and excited to say that there will be an interview from Los Angeles' funk-wizard-meister, Devonwho, and Portland, Oregon's very own experimental beat-centric, Citymouth will be providing a very special guest mix. ^__^

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DEVONWHO ~~~~~ { K L I P M O D E , A L L ` C I T Y }


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Devonwho is 1/4 of the coast to coast, regional partnership of LA / Philadelphia based Klipmode crew which comprises of a group of four creatively individual, immensely talented, and visionary musical talents, with the others being, Suzi Analogue, Knxwledge, and Mndsgn.

Having grown up and discovering music for the first time in Portland, Oregon, Devonwho would begin to develop an enthusiasm for instrumental based rock music which would subsequently lead to him playing percussion/drums for various funk and blues bands. Despite his passion for bands, it would be the world of electronic music that would capture his attention. From the weird and wonderful and often bewildering sounds of pioneering Warp Records artists such as Aphex Twin, Devonwho would begin to appreciate the subtle and complex sounds of, electronic orientated music and be inspired to create the music that he plays today, all the while still picking up on the leisurely, and profound, tangible feeling of soul-felt bedroom styled beats. 

For a beatmaker, Devonwho certainly stands out from many of his peers. The attractiveness of Devonwho’s work is special for it’s broad musical approach, which provides us with a delightful concoction of fun wrapped gestures, oscillating flourishes of flashy synthesized tinsel-funk melodies and rhythms. Desirably controlled, cool, calm, low-curled, serenely sonorous hip-hop beats, to fine-drawn and obscurely gentle, sci-fi electronic effects and ripples.

All in all you could say that Devonwho’s music has a steady sense of patience and cheerfulness. It’s good-natured, easygoing, pleasantly relaxing which likes to play around and have fun and discover new ways of approaching music - this is also reflected in the arrangements of his song titles - yet it is deeply uplifting and heartwarming. It’s something you can dance to in a club, or take with you cycling along a nature trail. It’s meant to accompany you everywhere you go. 

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CITYMOUTH ~~~~~ { D R O P P I N G ` G E M S }


Another resident from Portland, Oregon alongside Devonwho is Citymouth who is a member of the highly magical, and oh so marvelous Dropping Gems label. Dropping Gems are fine ambassadors for capturing and providing our planet with an array of delightfully electronic-led, beat-centric, sound collage mirrors, and reflective sounds. Other organisms from the Dropping Gems label include, Brownbear, DJAO, Natasha Kmeto, Ghost Feet, Rap Class, Gumar and His Magical Midi Band, Nag Champa a.k.a. Bone Rock, Timeboy, and Digifid. It is their mission to provide a reverie of thought for the decades, centuries, and millennia ahead, and whilst we may still be living in the year 2011, these are template sounds, for what music will sound like once our planet decides to co-exist peacefully and humans lay out a platform for a Utopia to discover more and more life out there beyond the milky way. 

Citymouth is a true sentinel of the spaceways. His gathering of sounds, as displayed through his, “ Holodecker EP “, are exhilarating fusions of boogie pastured coiled beats, ethereal sound gatherings that are collected from everyday sounds from the streets to traffic on the roads and the wind brushing against leaves to an effervescent vacuum of weightless electronic circuitry ebulliently jumping from cloud to cloud throughout the stratosphere, never giving up and continuing on shining brightly from dawn to dusk.

This is the sort of music that makes you feel like you are the catalyst of an activity at the centre of a nucleus. It is the feeling of being apart of something special from the beginning right through to it's culmination. It is your tool that allows you to sculpt the existence of life. As it blends and radiates a variety of scattered colors from a swooping rainbow down upon a zapped, gateway. 
His music is the sort that makes you stop everything that you’re doing and has you standing still on the middle of a road or pavement or hill and gaze up into sky at the faint sight of stars in space, making you wish you were up above traveling afar. 


You can download Citymouth's mix for free, directly from his Soundcloud page on the link provided below.


Furthermore both Devonwho, and Citymouth feature on this spectacular, "Gem Drops" compilation which is compiled by Dropping Gems and available to download from their bandcamp. The "Gem Drops" compilation also features the likes of Culp, Juj, AL_PD, Shigeto, Sumsun, Ages, Anenon, DTCPU & Filthy Ingredients, Ankaa, The Great Mundane, and yuk. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

: )


Posted at 03:00, 3rd November 2011


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Devonwho Fresh Selects
The Heimlich
Devonwho Fresh Selects
~~~~ beginning of Devonwho interview ~~~~
Mndsgn. self distributed
~~~ Devonwho interview ~~~~
Devonwho Klipmode
~~~ Devonwho interview ~~~~
Sage Burns
Suzilla Fresh Selects
~~~ Devonwho interview ~~~~
Knxwledge Klipmode
~~~ Devonwho interview ~~~~
Remember Who You Are
Knxwledge All City
~~~ Devonwho interview ~~~~
Mndsgn. self distributed
~~~ end of Devonwho interview ~~~~
Devonwho Klipmode
A Minute
Suzi Analogue Klipmode
After Light
Rustie Warp
HandBook Collective Resonance
P Villa BluntGutsNation
Swarthy Soul Collective Resonance
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Elaquent Stillmuzik
Co. fee My Hollow Drum
˚˚˚˚ Citymouth ˚˚˚˚ guest mix ˚˚˚˚
((injecetion fellas))
mystery tape deck track
Let's Chill
Check It Out I Made It Today
Yayay Unknown
Your Secret Love
Luther Vandross Epic
Citymouth Potholes In My Blog
untitled burner (w/ hobbess)
They Like It Slow
H-Town Relativity / Epic
Citymouth Unknown
SWARVY SW∆RVIndustries
Send Me Your Love
Kashif Arista / Finesse
˚˚˚˚ end of Citymouth's ˚˚˚˚ guest mix ˚˚˚˚
Shigeto Moodgadget
Fitz Ambro$e Icasea
ill.sugi self distributed
Blinking Lights And Things
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zayn grieve lisp self distributed
In My Mind
Lucas Rivers DatPiff
Sweet Love
Anita Baker Elektra
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* note: an excerpt from Boards of Canada's "Aquarius," was used as the backing track for the duration of the interview *
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