Telepathic Desert

Earthly Matters
15th October 2014
. spectacle . en . masse .
14th September 2014
Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier
19th August 2014
. ancestral . spirit . voices .
21st July 2014
Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)
23rd June 2014
. pagan . practice .
26th May 2014
Happy Meals & James Stephen Wright
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Earthly Matters // 2000-2200 13.11.11

telepathic desert

“Well, we’re not really in disguise, it’s just more or less given us our own territory, it’s more about being isolated to where you can go about your own daily business or whatnot and not really be involved, like an isolated community you know and it‘s more peaceful. If you look at some of the other documentaries about undersea life or whatever it just looks so peaceful down there, beautiful, no sunlight, total darkness, but then again how do you really know that, it could be, there’s a lot of area’s we haven’t discovered yet.”

- James Stinson

Fergus and Frank in studio tonight

Posted at 21:17, 10th November 2011


Otis Redding & Carla Thomas Ronco
Bubble Metropolis
Drexciya Submerge
There's Somebody Out There
Marcellus Pittmann Unirhythm
I Wanna Be There (Juan Atkins Remix)
model 500 R&S
Aaron Carl Wallshaker
On My Mind
Sixteen Souls Glasgow Underground
SE62 My Love Is Underground
Wanna Ride My ???
Moodymann Private Collection
God White Label
Need A Fix
Jeremy Sylvester White Label
Keeping My Mind
Black Rascals Sumo
I Never Knew Love (Change Up Mix)
Chez Damier KMS
Mystery Girl
Pierre's Pfantasy Club Numbers
Pray For Me (Dub)
Farley Jackmaster Funk 4liberty
Deep Breath
John Lagora Fortek
Erica La Fay Wallshaker
Good Stuff
Analogue Cops/Blawan Restoration
U Can Dance If U Want 2
Moodymann Private Collection
Different Shapes & Sizes (OG Club Dub)
DJ Sneak Strictly Rhythm
Pepe Bradock Versatile
Scenic Route
Quiet Daze Transmat
I'll Get Over U
Prizent vs Y-Tribe White Label
Positive Nuisance
Major Malfunction Central House
You Don't Know
Drexciya Submerge
Keep It Coming
Smokin Beats Smokin Beats
I Believe (Dub)
Celvin Rotane DTC
Rain (AC Detroit Instrumental)
Erica La Fay Wallshaker
Body Talkin (Disco Cut Up)
Bump N Groove NuVybe
Hi-Tech Jazz
Underground Resistance UR
Moor Horseman On Bolarus 5
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Larry Heard Allieviated
Can You Feel Me?
Chicago Nights
Marcellus Pittmann Unirhythm
Desire (Moodymann Remix)
Jose James White Label
Song To The Siren
This Mortal Coil/Elizabeth Fraser 4AD

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