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EP 25: Death of the Raven

Echolalia // 1100-1200 20.05.12

the basement of longing and regret.

In this episode we explore Longing and Regret through poetry and music!

We present The 'Priest' They Called Him by William S Burroughs and Kurt Cobain

Some great new works by two American poets Marshall Soulful Jones with Touch Screen and Jeanann Verlee with 40 Love Letters

Plus a touch of melancholy from Vincent Gallo, The xx, Charles Bukowski and The Album Leaf

Plus Edgar Alan Poe's poem The Raven being read by Christopher Walken

For the rest of the Spanish gold you'll just have to make your way down here to this Basement of Longing and Regret.

We are all here!

Its time.

So come on down

Posted at 23:46, 22nd May 2012


The 'Priest' They Called Him
William S Burroughs and Kurt Cobain Tim/Kerr
Touch Screen
Marshall Soulful Jones Unsigned
Whole Wide World
Wreckless Eric Metro
40 Love Letters
Jeanann Verlee Unsigned
Vincent Gallo Warp
The xx XL
I'm An Old Man Now, And A Lonesome Man In Kansas
Allen Ginsberg Artemis
Train Song
Tom Waits Island
The Death Of An Idiot
Charles Bukowski Takoma
Falling from the Sun
The Album Leaf Sub Pop
The Raven
Edgar Alan Poe and Christopher Walken Mercury

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