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We are The Esoteric Khurch of the Perpetually Lachrymose, a collectively organised mini-religion dedicated to the pure expression of permanent delirium and outpouring of globally felt horror. We are of the belief that the human race has reached a point of muddled stupefaction and that one of the only methods of counteracting or rectifying this fact is through constant emotional catharsis of the ludicrous, morose and wildly unreasonable. We of the Church (abbreviated EKOPL) call for a worldwide public outpouring of grief for the inherent meaninglessness of the human condition and ultimately wish to cure this collective existential crisis through radio broadcast auditory experiments. For one hour a week, we the two founders and HoolyFolk of the Khurch, aim to encourage our diverse group of listeners to contemplate the delirious and confusing nature of life on this planet. Our broadcast stems from a desire to educate and horrify the general public with a wide ranging collection of audio ephemera.

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   Mon, 01/05/2017
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Christopher Robin Says His Prayers
24/04/2017 // Khristopher Robin Says His Prayers

Hello Children.

In this broaskast we regale some old memories of those innocent childhood years and we see what happens when we follow those tangents down dark dark holes of our collective sub-conscious. (No one knows what I'm saying either)

OH GLOB! Listen, if you may, to this hour of incoherent childhood tales in a saccharine american accent, yelled through a guitar fx pedal, over industrial ambient tracks from ole's USB. It will be a challenge but you shall be ultimately rewarded by being saved from an existence of infinite joy.

Did you ever have that recurrent nightmare where you were on a beach full of krabs and inside those krabs were more krabs- and then you started to realise this beach you were on was actually inside the hollowed out skull of Craig David? Yeah, so did we. Lets relive the horrors, oh wee ones of Glob.

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