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GBS #03 Offbeat

G.B.S. Radio // 1600-1805 06.06.12

gbs #3 offbeat

Felix and the Offbeat crew comin on strong to cure your midweek blues.



Jordan Coleman

Chris Macfarlane (Mirrors)

Joe Mcghee


Taps Aff.

Posted at 15:04, 6th June 2012


Spacer Woman
Charlie Mr Disc Organisation
Take A Chance
Mr Flagio ZYX
Hardy Goes Acid
Ron Hardy Not On Label
Drifting Back
Genius of time Royal Oak
Nuthin Wrong
Tyree Mojuba
The Beat Addicts Sweat
Demolition Man
Gerry Read and Kevin Mcphee Demolition Man
Wax Wax
Do It Yourself (Original Mix)
WK7 Powerhouse
------Offbeat Take It Down A Notch------
This Beat Is Mine
Vicky D sam
Falling In Love (Remix)
Sybil Champion
Hold Me Back (Cosmic Boogie Remix)
Deep Space Orchestra MoreAboutMusic Secret Weapon
Terrel (Biceps Brooklyn Shuffle)
medlar White Label
This Is My Night
Chaka Khan Warner Bros.
Soul Train
Sound Stream Sound Stream
Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)
Midnight Magic Permanent Vacation
I'm Coming Out (Daybreak Mix)
Diana Ross EMI
The Dogs Anthem
Two Dogs In A House Discos Capablanca
NY House Track (Nicholas Basement Dub)
NY Stomp Illusion
Your Personal Touch
Evelyn "Champagne" King RCA Victor
Work That Shit Party
Still Going Still Going
Sweet Harmony
Liquid XL
We Can Make It (The Groove Mix)
Moné AM:PM
The A-Train
The House Nerds House Nerds Audio
Eva Mendes
Mosca Hypercolour
Goodbye Kiss
Eddie Fowlkes Metroplex
Over And Over
T.S.O.S. Soundsampler
Do It Right White Label
I'm Feeling You
Omar ft. Stevie Not On Label (STEVIE001)
Levon Vincent Novel Sound
Given (MK Dub)
4Th Measure Men FXHE
What You Do
Colours White Label
Krisp Sex Tags UFO
Percolator (Jamie Jones Remix)
Cajmere Cajual
Move Your Body
Xpansions Arista
Unbroken Dub Rawax
Things White Label
Don't Wanna Work (Tuff + Jam Mix)
Sprinkler Island
Double Jointed Sex Freak Part 2
Levon Vincent Novel Sound
Misled (FVD Mix)
Smokee ft. Esther Big Room
Alex Coulton ALLCAPS
Oni Ahyun Oni Ayhun

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