Heavy Eyelids
ambient // instrumental // minimalist // peaceful // modernclassical

Heavy Eyelids peers into the realm of ambience and minimalism from the past 200 years: the music, the people behind it, and the thoughts surrounding it. Drowse and browse - discover new sonic landscapes, or just immerse yourself and let the peaceful soundwaves wash over you.

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   Sun, 02/04/2017
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08/03/2017 // Bookburners

Episode 8 of Heavy Eyelids will feature acoustic and electronic music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Eva-Maria Houben, and Nicole Lizée, including Lizée's incredible 'Bookburners' for solo cello and turntable. Lizée's work explores ideas of glitch and malfunction by combining outdated technologies with timeless instrumentation to create shifting soundscapes that sound simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. Pondering the impossible past or feelin' the flux of the future, we've got your midweek midnight covered.

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