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Kaleidoscope is dedicated both to uncovering new music, and to listening to older tracks in a different way. Forward thinking but with a dose of nostalgia, Kaleidoscope fuses washed out beats and dreampop melodies with electric pick-me-ups and soulful classics. Each show has a different focus, and with it, a different half hour mix. This year the show will experiment with other voices, both through interviews and by inviting a guest to play their own thirty minute selection.


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kaleidoscope // 14.01.15 // Dream Sequins®

Kaleidoscope returns in 2015 with two hours of music true to it's ethos. Guiding us through the latest finds from the past couple of months it journeys through sounds from afrobeat, house, soul, tropical/garage/punk, dream pop and a selection of 80s inspired synth pop. The love for samples, loops and the unexpected continues alongside facts and information about the tracks featured.

Posted at 11:43, 21st January 2015

5 years on subcity radio

kaleidoscope // 17.09.14 // World Restart

This week not only marks 5 years of Kaleidoscope on Subcity Radio but the beginning of a new monthly slot!

Posted at 10:22, 18th September 2014

// tropes \\

kaleidoscope // 18.12.13 // // tropes \\

You are a pretty illusive character it would seem, I've tried hunting down more information in regards to who you are and how long you've been working under the guise 'Tropes' - Could you tell us a little more about 'Tropes' and how long you've been making beats?

This is my first interview actually, so it's probably hard to find information about me because not many people have asked. I've played music in some form or another for the majority of my life, but as far as beats go I've been posting beats online under the name tropes for 2 years now.

I chose the name for two reasons, the first as a completely non-serious meaning, and the second as a correlation to how the music's made. The first being the word tropes as a term for "a common way of doing something," in essence saying my sounds are nothing special, etc., to poke some fun at myself—this was also the reasoning in naming my first EP 'misnomer'. The second concept comes from the Greek meaning of tropes which is "to turn, to direct, to alter, to change" which correlates to my sampling process of restructuring and collaging.

Who are your musical influences?

I have a lot of influences, but a few specific people that I can say for sure shaped my ear growing up are The Books, Madlib, Pat Metheny and Steve Reich.

Where do you source samples and how do you go about finding the sounds you want to use?

From all over, for me it's a pretty even mix of physical and digital; movies, records, tapes, youtube, laptop mic, CD's, they've all come into play at times.

What process did you use when putting together the mix? did you start with a sound or a concept?

My concept for this mix was for it to be similar to a live set, in the sense that the beats are all from me and some have different takes than the original tracks on my releases, making this mix was a mixture of track re-takes and prerecorded track mixing.

Do you have a large record collection? Are you a crate digger?

My collection is not as expansive as most, I buy all of my records from the dollar bins at record stores or at thrift stores. I recently moved back from Kansas City and I really miss the access that I had to good affordable records there, a lot of my collection comes from the digging I did when I lived there.

Where do you find inspiration?

A lot of my inspiration comes from experimenting and mixing sounds together, making new contexts from elements that would never be together unless you make it happen. If something hits my ear, then I'm inspired to keep moving. I find inspiration in friends, memories, plants, places I haven't been, and other non-musical sources.

What are you listening to now and what are you hyping musically?

The material on labels like Dirty Tapes, Paxico Records, Dropping Gems, Any Octave, Astro Nautico, and Grand Garden Records to name a few.

How do you feel the internet has influenced you?

The internet has definitely put me in touch with people I wouldn't have been able to interact with, but only to a certain degree. I hope more will develop.

Is it a platform that you prefer to physical release and pr?

I haven't experienced a whole lot of physical releases other than a cassette release with Dirty Tapes. i think the internet's a pretty useful and mostly accessible platform but I have no bias towards it over traditional pr.

Do you feel the role of producers have changed?

Just like the music, the tools to create music for producers have become more accessible with the internet of course. There's a lot of creativity happening... a lot of good and a lot of bad, but there's definitely a lot of producers. What i notice changing is the pace of the constant stream of newly produced music virtually everywhere online. I think it's great that people can make music on their computers if they don't have the means to a large studio and have an outlet that allows people to hopefully find and hear it even if they live thousands of miles away.

And finally, what can we expect in 2014 from Tropes?

You can expect more material from me. I hope to play some music for friends, meet some likeminded people and maybe even travel a bit if I'm lucky!

Posted at 16:11, 18th December 2013

discover dream dissolve

kaleidoscope // 22.05.13 // Em La La Terra

As we drift into hazy summer nights this show is stacked with phosphorescent melodies, designed to craft that mellow aural glow which perfectly complements walking back from a party in the early morning. But despite this sun-kissed lull, tracks from The Smiths and Cyril Hahn shoot sparks into the mix making it impossible to stay still. The show also features an inspiring interview from KJ Pieper, founder of Em La La Terra, a tape based music label and outlet for artists. KJ talks about cassettes and collectives sliding nicely into her handpicked mix of some of Em La La Terra’s finest artists.

Posted at 14:46, 31st May 2013

lauren // chvrches

kaleidoscope // 08.05.13 // Recover

You've just come back from touring but will heading back on the road for your Dallas debut with Still Corners, under Gorilla vs. Bear's wing - whom, subsequently, are one of the show's favourite blogs for new music finds - then later in the Summer will be supporting Depeche Mode. How has the touring experience been for you? The June US tour isn't actually for GvB - I think that's just the one show. I am a big fan of Still Corners so am really excited to tour with them. We haven't done too much 'heavy touring' yet so this summer will be a baptism of fire for us. I think the key is taking a lot of things to entertain yourself (podcasts are my personal fave) and knowing when to give people space. Luckily we're all pretty nice humans, so there haven't been any fall outs as yet.

You formed the band back in 2011, how did you come to meet Iain and Martin? Iain had been producing the EP of my other band, Blue Sky Archives, at Chem 19 and asked if I wanted to do some demos on a new writing project he was starting with a friend, who turned out to be Martin. Iain and Martin know each other from university and Martin had played session in Aereogramme with Iain too, so they go way back.

You've got a degree under your belt, what made you leave the world of academia for music? I think this is something that has become a chinese whisper and isn't entirely true. I did a law degree at Strathclyde then graduated from a journalism masters in 2010, so had been working as a freelance journalist and production runner for a couple of years. I've been in bands since I was 15 years old, and music was always something that was important to me but I never put all me eggs in that one basket - how often does that plan work out for people?!

Having picked up 'Inaugural Grulke Prize' (for Developing Non-US Act) at South by Southwest, are you more conscious of your ever growing global fan base? That whole trip to the US was a bit mind blowing, as I'm more of a "play to 20 people in a basement venue on a Tuesday night" kind of gal, so it was weird that people were coming out to see us so early in the band's existence. I guess that's the strength of the internet, though - bands can sometimes sidestep certain geographical barriers in ways they couldn't previously. Ours is a band that was born on the internet so it's important to us that we remember that stuff like the Grulke prize is really nice, but we wouldn't be anywhere if people hadn't sent their friends, blogs and so on links to our band in the first place. Without that word of mouth, we would be nowhere.

The EP 'Recover' came out earlier this year, when can fans expect a full playing record? We're finishing recording now, with a view to having the record out in September.

It is a fairly mixed bag of records, ranging from the old to the new; did you have a specific theme in mind or is this a reflection of what you are currently listening to? I didn't go for a particular theme as such - just things that are important to me, some of them more recent findings than others. For me, a good mix CD is as much about the order and flow of the songs as the songs themselves.

You did the remix of MS MR, which is amaziiiing. If you could pick one artist within that playlist you would like to collaborate with (marvin gaye in a hypothetical sense...counts!!) who would be your first choice? Glad you like it. We made it Whitney. I admire all the artists in that playlist but Kathleen Hanna is my number one.

You've included PINS, an amazing all female band from Manchester, they recently played live at TYCI - could you tell us more about TYCI and how you came to form the collective? TYCI is a collective run by women, with a blog (, zine, monthly live event and radio show. Our first live event at Bloc was in November last year and we've booked amazing female musicians and DJs like PINS (luvthem4lyf), Honeyblood, Divorce, Patricia Panther, Pretty Ugly, Ladyfest and SummerSlams. Our hope was that we could create a fun platform for likeminded women, showcasing the wealth of female talent that is out there.

We're Subcity family - as you can catch TYCI on the station too, every fourth Thursday, 5-7pm - do you feel, with both the show and the club night in bloc - that music is the best platform for getting like minded people together? or is much of your traffic/interest generated through the blog articles? It's a mixed bag, really - some people find out about the blog through the radio show and vice versa; some find out about the collective in general from the live events. Someone from Minnesota sent us a jingle for the next show, and we've had people get in touch who are listening in Europe and Canada too. Although we cover a lot of music, we also cover art, theatre, literature and other more general pop culture. I think our hope was always that the live events would have more of an identity if they were tied in with a website, zine or radio show - an hopefully that's the way it's working out.

You had an amazing mix from the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, back in December.... nah I'm just kidding, no one likes self flattery but you've got another subcity sista' Bounce playing at the next TYCI before I will join ranks with the LUYD girls in June - if you were a writer/artist what is the best way of getting involved? We operate a pretty open forum and are always looking for new contributors to the site, radio show and live events. Email us on [email protected] or find us on the various social newtworks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc!).

Posted at 15:13, 8th May 2013

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