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Show 3: The Junkie's Piano

The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
26th June 2013
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The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2200-2300 08.09.11

show 3: the junkie's piano

So, we've done drummers, singers and producers. Next up - guitarists.

Still the instrument of choice for simpering skin-tights and the romantically impaired, guitars have taken a kicking since... Well, since time immemorial, really.

Not a real instrument, the symbol of a generation's sexual and cultural decline, a sneaky fast-track to fat stacks, the junkie's piano, not to mention the endless crimes of the hair metal elite.

But in the right hands, it's still the quickest way to an out-of-body brain bleed, no matter how jaded Linkin Park made you.

Obviously, we're the right hands. Tune in tonight at 11pm for 60 minutes of insane amp destruction, riffs that would make Theresa May drip, and not one use of the word 'axe'.

(We hope)

Posted at 18:01, 8th September 2011


Flames Of Ice (Live 77)
Les Rallizes Denudes Unknown
Touch Me I'm Sick
Mudhoney Sub Pop
Which Way Did My Baby Go?
Moses Williams Unknown
The Living End
The Jesus And Mary Chain Creation
Point Blank
Morpions Unknown
Tunnel Canary Unknown
Discordance Axis Hydra Head
Nailed To The Cross
Easter Monkeys Unknown
The Dead C Unknown
No. 13 Baby
The Pixies 4AD
Pathetique 1
Fushitsusha PSF
Thirsty And Miserable
Black Flag Unknown
Pink Flag
Wire Unknown
You're The Best One
Jandek Corwood

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