'Crap tunes, great chat' - Everyone
Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow!
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Iskra's Bureval available to download legally at http://r-a-b-m.blogspot.com/2009/10/iskra-bureval-2009.html
  Black Raven
   Maimed and Slaughtered
   Brain Tourniquet
  Slap a Ham
  Loma Prieta
  React With Protest
   (Work)ing Dead
  Think Fast
  Reversal of Man
  Independence Day
   Gorilla Biscuits
  Gorilla Biscuits
   Toucher Ce Vide Beant Attise Ma Fascination
   Your Punkrock, Our Friendship
  Louise Cyphre
  Electric Human Project
   Thrashin' USA
  Bones Brigade
  Fight Fire With Fire
   Sleep Deep
  Holy Roar
   The Bold and The Beautiful
  Triple B
   Thirteen Knots
  Burial Year
   ...Define Cocky...
   Lost in a Contraption
  Def Jam
   Life Sentence
  Dead Kennedys
  Alternative Tentacles
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