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Subcity Sessions are back with a bang to bring you live recordings of new music and interviews from bands and artists from all over.

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Insect Heroes // LYLO
17/04/2016 // Insect Heroes // LYLO

A spring session brimming with off-kilter surrealist pop.

Insect Heroes

The band, based in the Campsie Fells, self-released their first album Apocalypso on Lost Map Records in 2014, and is currently working on a follow-up. Their experimental style has been described as intriguing and intoxicating.


Skillful creators of seductive melancholy and irresistible, catchy melodies, Glasgow-based LYLO released their debut album 'Handsome Living' last year to much critical acclaim.The band are currently recording their second album 'Post - Era' in which they are taking a more calculated approach to song writing with bringing in elements of unpredictable pop, and full on rhythms.

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