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Slave to the Rhythm // 2300-0000 25.04.11

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Posted at 16:08, 26th April 2011

guest:martin dawson

Happy Easter to everyone... Monday I'm back with spacial guest MARTIN DAWSON. Also, great music from Oslo, Real Tone, Monique and special Mayday events..

Tune in monday at 11pm only and exclusively on Subcity Radio


Posted at 12:03, 24th April 2011


Silent (Is It A Remix?)
DØMM White Label
Talk and Mix 1
Days Turning Into Nights (Denite Remix)
Echonomist and Janicke Neovinyl
Steffi and Virginia Ostgut Ton
Sunday Smoking
Martin Dawson Moodmusic
Talk and 1st part of MARTIN DAWSON's interview
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Oslo
New Jack Swings
Andre Butano and Miguel Lobo Brise
Events in Glasgow
What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
Maja Jane Coles Real Tone
Franky Rizardo and Youri Donatz Monique Monique
Top Track Of The Week
Human (Oxia Remix)
slam soma
Talk and 2nd part of MARTIN DAWSON's interview
Acid Groove
Stefano Esposito Four Fingers Hand
Reis (Carlo Lio Remix)
Rainer Weichhold Galore
Complex 001
Rich Jones soma

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