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Slave to the Rhythm // 2300-0000 08.03.10

guest:laurent garnier

Hello people...

After an amazing performance (that what they said) at the Subcity's Birthday Party (featuring part of my set and my interview), I'm back for another exclusive show tonight which includes so many things that you shouldn't miss it out at all... Which ones?

-Interview with LAURENT GARNIER

-Newest promo from SLAM

-Latest promo from MOBILEE Records

-Newest track from ESA


Be aware to control the volume of your speakers as this show is pretty BANGING.

Tune in tonight at 11pm, only and exclusively on Subcity Radio

Posted at 15:27, 8th March 2010


Silent (Is It A Remix?)
DØMM White Label
Talk and Mix 1
I Really
Sandrien and Kelly Mark Intacto
It’s My House Desolat
Esa and Mervin Granger White Label
Talk and 1st part of LAURENT GARNIER's interview
Schizophonic (Martinez Remix)
Audiojack 20:20 Vision
Jahaaa (Gregor Tresher Remix)
Hermanez Viva
Events in Glasgow
Mic Newman and Geddes Tsuba
Mr. Bean Do An E (DJ Madskillz Remix)
Dan Curtin Mobilee
Top Track Of The Week
Heart Of The Soul
slam Paragraph
Talk and 2nd part of LAURENT GARNIER's interview
6 Days (Ty Tek Remix)
Chuck Lapley Phrunsky
Gone To Soon
Markus Homm Diynamic
The Man With The Red Face
Laurent Garnier F Communications

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