George & Nikki: Keeping sadness locked up till
The Breakfast Show
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   Song 2
   Russian Literature
  Maximo Park
   Old White Lincoln
  The Gaslight Anthem
   Just A Song About Ping Pong
  Operator Please
  Chris Brown
   Cute WIthout Me
  Taking Back Sunday
   Sweet Tangerine
  The Hush Sound
  Gwen Stefani
   Achillies Last Stand
  Led Zeppelin
  Van Morrison
  Warner Bros.
   Ready For The Floor
  Hot Chip
   Fruit Machine
  Ting Tings
   Grenade Jumper
  Fall Out Boy
  Fuelled By Ramen
   The Sun And The Rain
   Tiny Dancer
  Elton John
   Go Faster Stripes
  Kat Flint
   Burn The Witch
  Queens of the Stone Age
   Everyday I Love You Less And Less
  Kaiser Chiefs
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