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The Art of the 45 is to be found in the sound from the groove as the the needle is applied. Francis Murphy will exploring his record collection and playing a selection each week on The Funky Cuts. This with a look at the shelves rather than his club play out boxes. Funk, soul and sixties styled R&B will still feature with ska, Latin, disco and smooth grooves from the eighties with a sideways swing into electro and other dance beats.

Francis Murphy DJs at Ad Lib, 111 Hope Street on the first Saturday of the month.

You can also catch him at Southside Soul on the last Saturday of every OTHER month at Pollok ES Social Club.


stereo 54 renfield lane

The Funky Cuts // 28.10.14 // Studio 54, G2 6PH

'm honoured to be supporting such talent and i'm raiding the shelves for tunes that I only play on Subcity these days but my 12" collection did see action at the Art School on Friday nights some time ago. It's a fundraiser for Subcity Radio and they're always great fun.

Today's show includes a selection of tunes from 1978-81 plus one each from Sharon Jones and Lee fields who were at 02ABC last friday night

plus a couple of Northern classics from the Soundtrack to Northern Soul The Movie

Posted at 12:58, 28th October 2014

northern soul- the film

The Funky Cuts // 21.10.14 // Northern Soul The Vinyl

I'm heading to the GFT on Wednesday night to catch Northern Soul and I' trying not to read any reviews or plot spoilers that have been placed on line. Haven't read any yet but almost got caught out by a text from a friend.

This week's edition of The Funky Cuts will be a Northern Soul special and will be drawn from a box of records I've not played in a long time if at all on Subcity. Some people might call it classic, others traditional and others it has to be said might refer to it as a bit cheesy. Mostly up tempo and likeable I would say.

Posted at 22:35, 20th October 2014

45s in the wild

The Funky Cuts // 30.09.14 // 45s in the Wild

Today's selection of seven inch singles were found mostly on forays to the Barras, Paddies and Soho with a couple that fell in to my hands when I was helping clear out a record library of a well known club in Glasgow.

It's a mixed bouquet plucked from across four decades and several patches of genres including funk, soul rhythm and blues with a garnish of gospel, reggae and disco.

Join me for sixty minutes of vibrant music

Posted at 09:09, 30th September 2014

twenty 45s freshly picked from the a to d shelves

The Funky Cuts // 23.09.14 // One nation under a groove

I'm still trying to fill a box of with 45s from the sixties for the Beetle-Mania night at The Riverside Museum of Transport on Friday 10th October. The idea was to look out some beat, pop, yeh yeh and psyke singles but there's a number of soul, funk and R&B 45s which I haven't seen for a while and that are begging to be played. Obviously I thought they weren't that danceable but after spinning them my opinion has been revised.

Today's episode of the Funky Cuts - The art of the 45 will be all vinyl, all 45s and all MoBO but might include a bit of popcorn and latin.

Posted at 08:25, 23rd September 2014

beat, psyke, reggae, afro, and soul+funk

The Funky Cuts // 16.09.14 // The Art of The 45

I've been hosting The Funky Cuts for a few years now and whilst I haven't exhausted all the soul and funk records in my collection I thought it was time for a change. The Riverside Museum of Transport have booked me to dj a sixties night there and I've been sorting out music to play. Today's show will reflect on that selection which takes in sixties beat, soul, ska and a sprinkle of Popcorn.

Posted at 06:57, 16th September 2014

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