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22nd April 2014
25th March 2014
a carpet of 45s
18th March 2014
The Morning After
11th March 2014
Compilations, Samplers and Various Artists
4th March 2014
Twelve Inch Single fill the Floor
25th February 2014
Standing in the shadows of stardom
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The funkiest beats, the most soulful breaks and the best in music chat covering fifty years of black and black influenced music.
Felonious Munk is resident DJ at Southside Soul which meets on the last Saturday of every other month at Pollok ES Club 111 Titwood Road G41 2DG.


a carpet of 45s

The Funky Cuts // 25.03.14 // a carpet of 45s

Time to flick through the 45s box and pick some records I haven't played on the show before. A couple of new ones have arrived so guaranteed plays of Spanish Harlem and Get Ready, some oldies I've haven't played by Lou Johnson, Marvin Gaye and James Carr and some other stuff that's been floating in and out of play boxes,

Posted at 11:31, 25th March 2014

the morning after

The Funky Cuts // 18.03.14 // The Morning After

Given the number of times I used to DJ if not promote St. Patrick Day Dances I'm surprised I wasn't out and about last night celebrating. I stayed at home sober preparing today's edition of The Funky Cuts. It's a mix of soul, jazz, R&B , disco, funk and a touch of reggae. Expect Jimmy Smith, The Soul Sisters, Louis Jordan, Booker T and The MGs amongst others.

Tune in.

Posted at 10:06, 18th March 2014

soul, r&b, latin, gogo on compilation lps

The Funky Cuts // 11.03.14 // Compilations, Samplers and Various Artists

Compilation albums have been about since the birth of long players. Labels would gather tracks from their big selling artists to encourage album buyers to listen to the smaller selling artists who filled up the other tracks. Somtimes albums would be a summary of previous hits or classic tracks. Now that's what I call music was not the first series. London records put out compilations of American hits in the UK. Most of these were full price albums. In the sixties Pye's Golden Guinea label put out cut price albums for 21 shillings and blues and R&B fans picked on other cheap issues of material originally issued on Chess. The two influential series of soul compilations of the sixties were the This Is Sue issued by Island which were cheap and Motown's A Collection of original Hits which were full price.

I've brought in a pile of my own favourites for today's show.

Posted at 12:47, 11th March 2014

twelve inch singles fill the floor.

The Funky Cuts // 04.03.14 // Twelve Inch Single fill the Floor

Today's shows features a selection of 12" singles taken from the bottom shelf in the spare room and should include Kid Creole, Chuck Brown, Peech Boys, and Phyllis Hyman amongst others. A mix of funk, disco, jazz something called Big Beat

All tried and tested on the dance floor and if only I had kept copies of the returns I made to the record companies' promo teams I would be able to give you some contemporary feedback.

Posted at 10:51, 4th March 2014

that's me in the corner

The Funky Cuts // 25.02.14 // Standing in the shadows of stardom

Yesterday I caught the documentary 20 feet from Stardom which according to Bruce Springsteen is a long walk from beside the drums to the front of the stage. This music documentary was being shown as part of Glasgow's Music and Film Festival at the Glasgow Film Theatre and put the spotlight on the backing singers some of whom had made that walk. I could have heard one of them Claudia Lennear on Saturday who sang an acapella version of Oh Happy Day after her interview.

Anyway today's show will perversely feature The Sweet Inspirations, The Blackberries and The Andantes who barely got a mention in the film but are amongst the best of backing singers and certainly The Andantes have been on more hit singles than any of the artists featured in the film .

I would have featured Claudia and Merry Clayton but I sold their records when I was out of work and have never seen a copy for sale (in the raw) since.

Today's Funky Cuts will also feature some 45s not played since I bought them and some disco twelves hidden at the end difficult reach shelf.

Posted at 07:59, 25th February 2014

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