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The Art of the 45 is to be found in the sound from the groove as the the needle is applied. Francis Murphy will exploring his record collection and playing a selection each week on The Funky Cuts. This with a look at the shelves rather than his club play out boxes. Funk, soul and sixties styled R&B will still feature with ska, Latin, disco and smooth grooves from the eighties with a sideways swing into electro and other dance beats.

Francis Murphy DJs at Ad Lib, 111 Hope Street on the first Saturday of the month.

You can also catch him at Southside Soul on the last Saturday of every OTHER month at Pollok ES Social Club.


and some philly

The Funky Cuts // 18.11.14 // Motown Soul and R&B

After the excitement of playing to a packed house at Stereo 54 and displaying my crash edit mixing style it's back to the studio and a box of sevens and a a few stary twelves providing a mixture of soul, Motown and R&B.

Posted at 10:08, 18th November 2014

stereo 54 countdown

The Funky Cuts // 11.11.14 // stereo 54 countdown

On Friday 14th November Subcity are paying tribute to Studio 54 at Stereo in Renfield Street and they've asked me to open up the evening which includes some top DJs including David Campbell and his Shiny Disco Ball, Den Haan and David Barbarossa.

Four the past three weeks I'v brought in a selection of 12" singles from the period 1978-81 which for many many people were the peak years at Studio 54. I've not been checking whether or not my selection were actually played by any of the club's DJs but I have a feeling that more than I thought were actually placed on the decks. Maybe at the monday night alternative.

Anyway I've found some more twelves for your consideration and mine as I'm the one who will be behind the decks on Friday. I have a sixty minute set and and have four hours of good stuff to whittle down.

I do hope you can make it to Renfield lane on Friday for a great Subcity party. If not you know you can tune in to The Funky Cuts (The Studio 54 years) anytime at

Posted at 17:04, 10th November 2014

12 inchers 44 and/or 33 1/3 rpm

The Funky Cuts // 04.11.14 // Stereo 54

There will be fireworks on the show today along with some slow burning and some explosive language as i inevitably forget at which speed I should be playing my twelve inch singles. I may pack some 7" edits in to keep me sane.

I've been previewing the records I hope to play at Stereo 54 which takes place on Friday 14th November and I'm doing it sober, in daylight and with plenty of time to sit the record on the platter. And I'm still playing them at the wrong speed. Maybe I should set the Technics to play at the median speed of 39 RPM.

Regardless of how many revolutions per minute there should be a fine selection of sounds on this edition of The Funky Cuts with some rock disco, Latin beats and some tunes that might have been played at Studio 54 and were certainly released between 1978 and 1981.

Posted at 14:41, 1st November 2014

stereo 54 renfield lane

The Funky Cuts // 28.10.14 // Studio 54, G2 6PH

'm honoured to be supporting such talent and i'm raiding the shelves for tunes that I only play on Subcity these days but my 12" collection did see action at the Art School on Friday nights some time ago. It's a fundraiser for Subcity Radio and they're always great fun.

Today's show includes a selection of tunes from 1978-81 plus one each from Sharon Jones and Lee fields who were at 02ABC last friday night

plus a couple of Northern classics from the Soundtrack to Northern Soul The Movie

Posted at 12:58, 28th October 2014

northern soul- the film

The Funky Cuts // 21.10.14 // Northern Soul The Vinyl

I'm heading to the GFT on Wednesday night to catch Northern Soul and I' trying not to read any reviews or plot spoilers that have been placed on line. Haven't read any yet but almost got caught out by a text from a friend.

This week's edition of The Funky Cuts will be a Northern Soul special and will be drawn from a box of records I've not played in a long time if at all on Subcity. Some people might call it classic, others traditional and others it has to be said might refer to it as a bit cheesy. Mostly up tempo and likeable I would say.

Posted at 22:35, 20th October 2014

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