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Southside Soul
10th March 2015
3rd March 2015
24th February 2015
A bit of and some of that: Soul, Latin and Funk
17th February 2015
Lesser known funk album discovered in Oxfam for £
3rd February 2015
Latin Soul Funk, R&B with a touch of Ska
27th January 2015
Calm before the storm
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The Art of the 45 is to be found in the sound from the groove as the the needle is applied. Francis Murphy will exploring his record collection and playing a selection each week on The Funky Cuts. This with a look at the shelves rather than his club play out boxes. Funk, soul and sixties styled R&B will still feature with ska, Latin, disco and smooth grooves from the eighties with a sideways swing into electro and other dance beats.

Francis Murphy DJs at Ad Lib, 111 Hope Street on the first Saturday of the month.

You can also catch him at Southside Soul on the last Saturday of every OTHER month at Pollok ES Social Club.


pot-pourri de la soul, funk, latin et r&b.

The Funky Cuts // 24.02.15 // A bit of and some of that: Soul, Latin and Funk

I should be previewing some of the sounds myself, Allan Hepburn (The Barrelhouse) and David Campbell (Shiny Disco Ball) will be playing at Southside Soul this Saturday night but as I've not sorted out my own records never mind having any idea what my guests are playing here's a mix of sounds I don't think I've played before.

It's a mix of latin, soul, R&B and some music from acts that are due in Glasgow soon.

Posted at 10:52, 24th February 2015

record shopping on the east coast

The Funky Cuts // 17.02.15 // Lesser known funk album discovered in Oxfam for £

I like visiting St. Andrew's and raiding the charity shops as they tend to have a better class of cast offs. And with a high percentage of US students some interesting buys on teh clothes front. An unworn still with the tags on Brook Brothers candy striped BD for one.

Anyway I spotted an album whose cover I was unfamiliar with. Unlaminate stiff cover which meant a US release, no cut out and little wear on it. As it was Oxfam I was ready to put it back before I got a glance at at an expected double figure price of more that what I had in banknotes in my wallet. The price tag was actually £3.99. Worth a punt. I've found two reviews one underwhelming and he other more than complimentary. uen in today and I'll play a few of the songs.

I found a British jazz blues EP too possibly previously owned by a tweed jacketed, pipe smoking retired professor finally getting rid of his vinyl before going in to a care home.

There will be other tunes in today's episode of the Funky Cuts.

Posted at 08:03, 17th February 2015

digging out albums and their exclusive tunes

I think I've selected some mighty fine tunes for today's show. Tune in and be surprised.

Posted at 11:14, 3rd February 2015

a mixed bag of of jazz, soul, funk and r&b

The Funky Cuts // 27.01.15 // Calm before the storm

I was looking for some old VHS tapes when I discovered a batch of soul, Jazz and blues tunes that I had tidied up in a hurry and then forgotten about them.

I think there's a few gems and I'll be playing them this afternoon

Posted at 08:41, 27th January 2015

got my mojo working post gig review with tunes

The Funky Cuts // 20.01.15 // Post gig review with tunes

Claire Hyslop, Tom Gillespie and myself stood in an empty hall on Saturday night wondering if people would come out on the coldest night of the year for new club night in the south side. And to our amazement they did. And they danced and danced and danced.

Unfortunately I've misplaced the digicorder or I would be playing the sets back over the next few weeks. However you can check out recent episodes of the Funky Cuts and hear some of the records featured by Tom and Claire. I'll slip a few of my own choices in today's episode.

Posted at 08:15, 20th January 2015

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