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The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 1500-1700 25.02.11

the national radio of glasgow

Although Vile claimed that he no longer needed a producer following Harry's absence during the live set by RM Hubbert last week, Parlane forcibly reclaims his space in the far corner, ensuring that there are less moments of long silence and the occasional appropriate link between songs.

The show is getting packed now that the performance season is hotting up: New Territories is arriving, and Jack Webb talks about his entry. A plethora of gigs showcasing loads of bands caused Vile to get hot under the collar about the Glasgow scene, and to fill in a gap in his memory, he waxes lyrical about the Glasgow scene.

Posted at 17:12, 25th February 2011


Anna Calvi Domino
Air from Suite no 3
Bach Conifer
Production Vomit
Gropetown Unsigned
00:16:50 // FlatRate discuss the Belief Project
I Could Leave
Scott Maclean Unsigned
Look at my Dick
Disband Primary Information
James Blake Atlas
Little By Little
Radiohead Unsigned
Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete White Label
00:51:00 // Eclectic Ladyland and the Women's Support Project
Zombie Girl
Scragfight White Label
End Solo
Philip Pinsky White Label
01:05:50 // Janis Claxton and the Humanimalia, live at Tramway
Take Me Over (Midnight Magic Remix)
Cut Copy White Label
01:23:10 // CCA interview with Haroun Farouki
John the Revelator
John Knox Sex Club White Label
Blind Girl and the Crips White Label
01:36:30 // Jack Webb speaks live art and dance
San Fran and the Siscos White Label
Genie In the Bottle
Jamie Flett White Label
Hercules and Love Affair EMI

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