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They Took Our Jobs!!! is a show aimed to provide you with a good insight into what is musically speaking going on in Central & Eastern Europe and Poland in particular. On this show you will everything from pop and rock, through jazz, funk, hip hop, to electronica and even metal. So, don't be afraid and jump into the unknown and rest assured - we will be your guides in this fascinating journey through tunes from across the sea.


They Took Our Jobs!!! // 10.03.14 // Prog-rock-rocket.

Tonight's episode will please all of you long or short-haired, brooding and introvert or lively and explosive fans of prog-rock and prog-metal. These rich genres are among our favorites and it is difficult to believe that they have never been dealt with by TTOJ. So if you ever heard of Riverside (or not) and other assorted prog-rock bands from the jolly land upon Vistula river - join in, it will be quite a ride!

Posted at 19:10, 10th March 2014

spotify playlist

Due to technical issue, the most recent episode of They Took Our Jobs!!! isn't available online yet. But for those of you who would simply like to listen to the tunes here is the Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, Kult's album "Prosto" isn't featured on Spotify and the song "Dobrze być dziadkiem" is not on the list.

Posted at 01:16, 28th January 2014

we are back!

It has been almost a year since the last episode of They Took Our Jobs!!! The break could not have been avoided and yet we are back and stronger than ever. In this episode you will have a chance to listen to a little musical summary of 2013's Polish releases. With an eclectic mix of rock, post-rock, electronica and chillout everyone should find something interesting. We hope that we will bring you all as much musical joy as before if not more! Moreover, this year we will provide with Spotify playlists featuring music from each episode (as much as we can find). So if you rather just listen to music only, or you would like to easily find out more about artists you liked, just check out the playlists!

Posted at 20:35, 27th January 2014

They Took Our Jobs!!! // 25.03.13 // The Spring Invocation

Once again, sorry for the lack of episode the last time - it is a very busy period for me right now. However, all is back and normal. For the most recent episode I have a couple of links to great free music. Estrada Nagrania 7: SunMan24 and his tunes on bandcamp. And Pioro's soundcloud profile. All worth checking out.

Posted at 22:35, 25th March 2013

no podcast yet.

Hey folks, due to technical reasons I wasn't able to provide you with the podcast for the 25.02.2013 episode titled The Sabbath. I will try to sort it out as soon as I can. Here is the playlist though if you had listened to the show live. 1. Herr-etic - Grrrrrzzzzz (Cowshed) 2. +WTCHKRFT+ - 666.Negro Sabate (Unsigned) 3. †rzeci Świ△† - Perun (Unsigned) 4. ‹‹ʘ›› - Geи!e 2.0 (Unsigned) 5. DEERDUS† - Desert Rain (Unsigned) 6. Lasariage - Ω (Herr-etic remix) 7. Ramona Rey - Wyo-s-t-r-z (Araña) 8. Sychy - Przepraszam (gościnnie Kali O.P.) (Cowshed) 9. Electric Fitness - Embalm (Cowshed) 10. Sychy - Kiedyś odejdę (Cowshed) 11. Suffering Astrid - Tendencja postępowa (Cowshed).

Posted at 23:00, 25th February 2013

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