Folk's not dead (electronica)

They Took Our Jobs!!! // 2100-2200 23.05.11

check these out!

Couple of tunes I have played tonite comes from free, net-released albums. It would be great if you had them. So to make things easier for you, I provide you with links. Here's the one for Masala's stunning work. And another one for Besquidians beautiful, utterly chilled album.

Posted at 21:38, 23rd May 2011


Village Kollektiv Open Sources
Latawce Remixed
Zywiolak Karrot Kommando
Gooral S.P.
Village Kollektiv ft. PabloPavo Open Sources
As One (Tom Encore Remix)
Masala Open Sources
Sulphur Phuture Antena Krzyku
Skip Funk
Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa EMI Poland
Besquidians Unsigned
Siala Baba Mak
Kapelaziele Nascente
Fujara Solo
Piotr Pucylo Nascente
Primo Rebel
Pablopavo i ludziki Karrot Kommando

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