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Vugge (pron. vuh-geh, from Norwegian, noun: "cradle", verb: "lull/sway") is a monthly hour-long aural cradle, showcasing a blend of ambient, understated, mellow, subtle house and lush electro. With the world of electronic music increasingly being populated by lads shouting "HWFG" and a collective tunnel vision where the only focus is belters becoming prevalent, Vugge seeks to highlight the strands that do not encourage screaming (unless due to catharsis) or fist-pumping, but rather invite you to sway along or float about, with possibilities of the occasional shoulder movement. Its purpose is not to psyche you up for a night out, but instead to be what you put on when the majority have left the after-party. It presents you with the opportunity to fall into a dream or imaginary world for a limited period of time.

If you're sitting on music you think would fit into the show, please feel free to send it to [email protected], other enquiries can be directed to [email protected]

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Episode 009: Sleep Merges with the Moon
20/01/2017 // Episode 009: Sleep Merges with the Moon

With the ambient mist surrounding it clearing ever so slightly once again, you're invited to the first transmission from the cradle of 2017. Antwerp, Cuba, Lier, Malta and Zagreb will all be added to the musical map this evening in an episode filled with the usual ethereal ambient, a choral Drake lament, Mica Levi-sampling electro and even a Berlin School deep cut among other sounds.

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