10 to 10

Alcohol in Glasgow is sold for consumption off-premises (i.e. not in a bar) between 10am and 10pm which means that you can’t buy alcohol over the counter between 10am and 10pm. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is strictly enforced, so don’t even try to ask the cashier. The fine for selling alcohol outside of these hours is astronomical. There are mythical services that will deliver alcohol after these hours, but note that delivery of alcohol is illegal between 10pm and 6am, and these services are often quickly shut down by the police. After 6 it will probably be ok, maybe.

Minimum Unit Pricing

Scottish law has recently changed so that alcohol must cost a minimum of 50p per unit. This means that in Scotland Frosty Jacks comes in at £11.25 a bottle and you can’t really get any real steals when it comes to alcohol anymore.

Eldorado: The Road to Liquid Gold

Eldorado is like Buckfast but cheaper (and worse). A half/full bottle is £2.99/£5.99, compared to £4.50/7.49 for Buckfast. As 4 years of business school may eventually teach you, 5.99 is less than 7.49. Whether that’s worth the noticeable difference in quality is something only you can know. You can buy it at the big yellow off-license on Great Western road.

Best Old Man Pubs

A ridiculous amount of old man pubs exist across Glasgow. West end highlights enjoyed by student types often include The Doublet (Next to Kelvinbridge), The Belle (Great Western Road), The Aragon (Byres Road), The Arlington (Woodlands Road), The Grove (Finnieston) but there are many more. In the South Side, The Laurieston is a firm favourite.


Glasgow doesn’t have a glass bottle collection scheme. Nor does it have bins for glass bottles in your apartment. Also, you can’t put glass in the recycling bin. As many of you will note, this is not ideal for a nation of alcoholics. Instead, to ease ‘the fear’, Glasgow City Council has helpfully provided glass recycling centres dotted around town, denoted by big bins with glass-shaped holes to put glass-shaped things in. Dragging a big bag of glass bottles through town is highly recommended for lapsed Catholics who miss feeling guilty about everything. You can find out where the recycling points are on the Glasgow Council website.

Coffee Cons

You can’t expect to get very far in a car without petrol, obviously. The same science has been applied to students’ bodies, but with coffee. You may be content to get cheap shitty coffee from the library, or god forbid, coffee machines dotted around campus (£1), but that’s like trying to put regular petrol into a dragster (extended car metaphor). You need to strike the balance between frugality and flavour. The ultimate measure of coffee taste is whether or not it needs sugar in it to be drinkable, good coffee won’t need sugar in it.

Greggs (fuckin’ everywhere mate) is clearly less independent and responsible than most of the other coffee places you can go to, but they make a half decent coffee against all the odds. You can get a coffee with a breakfast roll (rumour has it some good vegan alternatives will be coming soon) for £2.10, but be wary of huge queues in the morning... and at lunch… and bratty school kids.

Artisan Roast (Gibson St) is an independent coffee shop, serving very strong coffee and raw/vegan food. It’s on the cheaper side of the independents, and it’s always quite busy. It has a nice atmosphere (although one of the tables is an old door?). The basement flat underneath it used to have a cannabis farm in it which made the customers feel woozy but that has since been shut-down.

Papercup (Great Western Road) is another independent coffeeshop not too far from the campus either. If you’re feeling a bit fancy the food here is pretty good too. Amy recommends Avocado toast with a poached egg on the side. Makes for really good insta photos.

Other nice independent cafes that are worth pretending to read in include: Kaf (Partick), Kelvin Pocket (Next to Kelvinbridge Subway station), Black Pine (GWR) and the CCA cafe (Sauchiehall Street), The Steamie (Finnieston), Raunchy (Maryhill Road).