Record Collecting isn’t a particularly advisable hobby for cash-strapped students, but here are some of our favourite places to dig in Glasgow.
Oxfam Music - Byres Road - Great for 2nd hand CDs, tapes, and records
Mixed Up - Otago Lane - Perfectly located between Chai Ovna (a specialist tea cafe) and Voltaire & Rousseau (the greatest 2nd hand book-shop/fire-risk in Glasgow’s West End)
Palais De Danse - 118 Sauchiehall Street - Single room record store in an attic of Sauchiehall Street that is helping out in more ways than one in forcing Glasgow’s 2nd hand vinyl enthusiasts to exercise.
Rubadub - Your go to stop for electronic music. Can seem a bit intimidating from the outside, but everyone who works there is actually really friendly and really keen to help. Plus, students can get 10% off so face your fears and step inside.

2nd Hand

I read a statistic the other day that it takes as much water to make a new t-shirt and pair of jeans as a human being drinks in 13 years (I’m not sure if that’s continuously or following the 1.5 litres a day rule). Either way, that’s a staggering statistic and an unnecessary use of water that we should be trying to cut-down. Be cool and original - buy second hand! There is no better way to pull through a hangover afternoon, or distract yourself from the fact that you’re missing yet another lecture, than with some ethical retail therapy. Here are some of our favourites, but you should dig about & constantly allow time to drop in to charity shops for the best finds. British Red Cross - Byres Road - This shop gets deliveries from unsold/ slightly damaged clothes from the COS in town. It’s on the more expensive side of charity shop price-range, but a good hack for the glamourous.
The Glasgow Vintage Co - Great Western Road - First stop shop for your supply of 2nd hand levis.
Mr Bens - Trongate - This well established vintage shop next to vegan bar & record store, MONO, stocks vintage goods of varying prices. There’s also lots of other, smaller vintage shops dotted around the Trongate that stock some real gems that are well worth exploring if you’re willing to accept you’ll probably have to wash out/ embrace the *damp* smell that you generally carry out the shop with you.
Shelter - Byres Road & Great Western Road - Shelter is always a good charity shop to jump into on your way to/from uni & snap up a cheap woolen turtle-neck to add to your (probably already extensive) selection.
As an important side-note, remember that you can also buy 2nd hand furniture, crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, books, and art in charity shops. It’s much more interesting and economical to decorate/kit out your flat/ Murano kitchen with charity shop finds than to spend lots of money in Ikea when you arrive (but you can still go there for the meatballs).


Often after arriving in Glasgow you will want to let people know that you live here. An easy way to do this is to buy a t-shirt that says ‘Glasgow’ on it from the University shop. But if you want to support the local economy, consider looking up SF Glasgow on Ask Jeeves or Bing. They’re a locally-run clothing label that is beloved by skaters and people that like soft drugs. Their sweaters and hats are doubly excellent, and will last you a lifetime. Also if you are a boy an SF Brand jumper will make you 100% more attractive to girls, as they are highly coveted by girls that steal their boyfriends clothes. Although, if your attractiveness is 0 a 100% increase will mean that you are still a 0.