Subcity Radio is an independent, non-profit station based in Glasgow and broadcasting to the world.
Over 50 team members work behind the scenes tirelessly to make sure the music/party/good time never stops. Team members help provide a platform to creative individuals to create forward-thinking radio content. They support the station’s community of over 150 presenters; they organise the great parties that keep the station going; they fix things that break; they design, promote, tweet, photograph, film, organise, and archive everything that the station does. The station was founded in 1995 as an alternative to the options on the FM dial in Glasgow, following an American freeform college radio format. The station went online in 2003, and the last FM broadcast was in 2009. Today the station continues to aim for unique content that is free from commercial restraints. We keep our ears to the ground and our heads in the clouds. Freeform means that the station subscribes to no centralised programming and has no set playlist; this means presenters have full control over the content they put out on the airwaves, they are editorially independent and responsible for their own promotion and production (i.e. we leave them to it).


Q: Do you make money?
A: All the money we make goes to buy equipment and put on parties for the station. We’re all volunteers interested in music.

Q: Can I join?
A: Yes! Every so often we scout out new people, experienced or not. Keep an eye glued to our social media accounts for any opportunities. You must be available to go for drinks sometimes, and get angry about music-related things with us.

Q: How do I get a show?
A: Talk to one of the team during Fresher’s Week, or find the application link on our website. Any type of show is welcome, although we’d rather not get any more ‘edgy underground techno’ applications.

Q: Have you done anything cool?
A: We used to be a pirate radio station, then moved to the university for the not-getting-arrested. We’ve done live coverage of T in the Park before the BBC took it over, and Hudson Mohawke and Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinand have done shows here (also Solid Blake from Apeiron Crew is another alumnus). All our parties exclusively feature our own DJs, because we’re all about that home-grown talent. Last year we had our 20th birthday, and we sold out the Art School, one of the biggest clubs in Glasgow.

Q: How will I know where to find you?
A: We all have great faces for radio, so look for funny-looking people and start there. Alternatively our office is upstairs in the John Macintyre building (where you pick up Fresher’s passes).