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Counterflows Festival 2019
April 7th, 2019 at 7:07pm (last year)

Subcity Radio were lucky enough to attend this year's Counterflows Festival - one of the best experimental music festivals Glasgow and the UK has to offer. We spent the weekend talking to some of the fantastic performers and organisers that help keep Counterflows consistently one of the most interesting music events around. This includes LYZZA, Alexander Hawkins, MC Carol, Jim C. Nedd, Palm Wine, the Gorbals Youth Brass Band and Bill Wells, Dakim, Micheal LaCour, Nena Etza, Myriam Van Imschoot and Doreen Kutzke, Sholto Dobie, Humming Dogs and more. Listen back to all these interviews below:

1) Introductions with Alasdair Campbell

The co-curator and founder of Counterflows Festival Alasdair Campbell joins us in the studio to discuss the origins of Counterflows, the performers and to play some music that will be heard live throughout the festival.


2) Tomorrow!

To celebrate the beginning of the festival programme we speak with:

Alexander Hawkins - Hugely talented jazz performer and improvisationist talks to us about his work and reccommends some of his favourite songs.

Gorbals Youth Brass Band & Bill Wells- we talked to the founders of this inclusive music programme, the children involved and the underground legend that wrote the piece to be performed, Bill Wells

Nina Etza also joins us in the studio for a fantastic selection of latinx tunes from QTWOC artists


3) Day 1 Recap

After the first night of Counterflows we spoke to:

Sholto Dobie - Scottish musician and performance artist speaks to us about his creative process and forthcoming album with Penultimate Press.

Doreen Kutzke & Myriam Van Imschoot - Yodel sound art collaborators tell us about their work and the diverse history of the yodel.


4) Day 2 Recap

French noise artists and Latinx american icons:

Humming Dogs - One of our favourite acts of the festival, french noise rock group Humming Dogs sit down with us and perform a special accapella version of the song "Ah ha ha!"

MC Carol - Brazillian baille funk godess gives us some insight to her opinions on music, politics and dance music.

LYZZA - Rising star featured on Boiler Room and NTS spoke with us about being called experimental and gave us some advice on acheivement.


5) Day 3 Recap

Hip-hop, hardcore and hope:

DAKIM - Underground hip-hop producer and beatmaker talked with us about creativity and taking hip hop seriously as an art form.

Michael LaCour (aka B L A C K I E ALL CAPS WITH SPACES) - Before his first performance as Micheal LaCour, the incredibly influential industrial hip-hop artist gave us insight into his influences.

Fielding Hope - Subcity alumni, programmer for Cafe OTO and Counterflows co-curator tells us about his career and behind the scenes of the festival

Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine - Incredibly knowledgable musicologists and DJs Jim and Simone gave us an incredibly informative interview into Pico soundsystem culture. Unfortunately due to time we couldn't broadcast enough of the interview to do it justice so look out for a full version coming out soon.


A huge thank you to everyone that spoke with us, those that tuned in and especially to Alasdair and Fielding for making Counterflows happen

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