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Subcity Radio's Ecotopia
September 6th, 2019 at 9:08pm (last year)

🌱 Freshers can be an uncertain time in an unknown place. If the prospect of following the crowd as they stumble from student bar to student club doesn’t pique your curiosity, Glasgow’s finest community freeform station have created an alternative rebirthing for your new journey at uni. On Wednesday 18th September, Glasgow’s fabled Art School will be transformed into Subcity Radio’s Ecotopia. Each of the three rooms will have its own unique DJs and production, with something for everyone — from the luscious natural reverberations of the Vic Bar, the throbbing hum of the Assembly Hall’s mainframe upstairs, to the weird and wonderful possibilities of the Project Space at the top of the building. 🌱

Full lineup:

🌵 A/S/L (https://www.subcity.org/shows/asl)

� Anwuli Sound (https://www.subcity.org/shows/anwuli)

🌼 Babestation (https://www.subcity.org/shows/babestation)

�� Beat Beneath (https://www.subcity.org/shows/beatbeneath)

🌳 chOOn!! (https://www.subcity.org/shows/choon)

🌺 DAYTIME/NIGHTTIME (https://subcity.org/shows/daytimenightime)

🌸 Electric Ladyland (https://www.subcity.org/shows/electricladyland)

🌹 Escapology (https://www.subcity.org/shows/escapology)

�� Green Eggs and Ham (https://www.subcity.org/shows/ham)

🌴 The Mariana Trench Sound (https://www.subcity.org/shows/trenchsound)

🌷 Sorbie Rd. (https://www.subcity.org/shows/sorbierd)

Tickets are £5, and only avaliable OTD - get down early as the last ones have sold out very fast!

Please note the venue is fully accessible with a ground level entrance and a large capacity lift to all floors. Gender Neutral toilets will be in operation.

Subcity believe in operating a safe(r) space policy. Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable on the dance floor, no matter what. If you have any problems, please get a member of the Subcity team who will be distributed throughout the venue on the night, a member of bar staff, or security.

Subcity Radio is a non-profit freeform radio station supported by the University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council.
Scottish Charity Number SC006970.