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Remote Broadcast: How-to Guide
March 24th, 2020 at 8:09pm (last year)

How to record a show:
First create a folder on your computer with all the music or other audio files that you would like to include in your show. There are many ways to download music – Bandcamp, Beatport and Google Play are all good places to start. There are lots of options if you wish to record your own voice or other audio including using a mobile phone microphone. Most phones have a voice recording app already installed. If you have access to a microphone and an interface, here is a guide to record audio into a computer.

To arrange, combine and edit your audio files to create your show, you will need a Digital Audio Workspace (DAW). There are loads of options for DAWs both free and paid for. Audacity (download here) and Reaper (download here) are both free and are a good introduction to audio software. Ableton (download here) offers more advanced features but is paid for (although there is a free trial offered). FL studio or Fruity Loops (download here) is another popular DAW but this is better suited for music production.

There are YouTube tutorials available for each of these programs, but the basics are broadly similar. Each audio file is represented as a waveform that can be arranged in a track on a timeline. Multiple tracks of audio can be added to a timeline to enable sounds to be overlaid. Once the files have been arranged you can then export (or “bounce�) your masterpiece as one MP3 file to be sent to us. Make sure you export the file in the requested format above. Again, tutorials for each of the specific DAWs are available that can help with this.

Feel free to contact our tech team if we can offer any additional assistance at [email protected]

Requirements for pre-recorded shows:
- Shows should ideally be 1-2 hours. Shorter and longer broadcasts will still be considered
- Files are to be 320kbps MP3
- Send files using We-Transfer, Google Drive or Onedrive links
- Email these links to [email protected]

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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.