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Subcity Radio Fresher's Week Festival!
September 14th, 2020 at 12:56am (last year)

Join us as we welcome all those new and returning to Glasgow this Fresher's Week! 🌶 Subcity Radio will be streaming the best our city has to offer over the next week, with shows from over 60 contributors that all help make Glasgow!

To give you a wee taste of the club scene that has had to be put on pause, we have asked some of Glasgow's best promoters to take over the airwaves each evening. They will be sending the club we all love and miss straight through to your kitchen for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own bubble.

Keep your eyes in the event for broadcast update! 👀

For the schedule visit: subcity.org/freshers2020

Full Line up: 👅 Tom MacFadyen

Beth Horseman


Fancyyyyy tapes (Tom Mudd)

Cryptic Glasgow

Pete Narzisi

Glasgow Guardian

Glasgow Womens library

Coconut Water

Good Press

Glasgow University Arms Divestment Coalition x GRASS x GU Extinction Rebellion


Successful Women at Glasgow (SWAG)

Radiophrenia Festival

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Intersectional Feminist Book Club


Glasgow School of Art Queer Society

Lunchtime Gallery

The Skinny

The Rum Shack

Glasgow Zine Library

Soma Skool


Quto Glasgow

Good Vibrations

Small Trans Library Glasgow

Pocket Club

Kill all Kings



Kingku Radio



Music, Please!

Practice Good Practice

Say it again, but louder!

Marianas Trench Sound

Bloc Radio

DJ Amtrak presents Escapology

Passion Play

Beat Beneath

Roo Honeychild

GU South Asian Society


Hawkchild DIY w/ Voight Kampff, Schematic and Special Guest: Jordan Weekender

Shakara w/ Plantainchipps and Sofay

Healthy w/ Sarra Wild B2B Letitia Pleiades

Hardcore Queer Action x Fast Muzik

Boosterhooch w/ Clemency, Warmchains, angel d'lite, DJ FOMO

Southside Solidarity w/ Dj Peanut, Pigeon Steve and Whale of a Time [wheelman, gus and archie]

Anwuli Sound

Domestic Exile

Sound Thought Festival

The Hug n Pint

Unearthly Matters

Body Parts

Lava Lava

North VS South


Grass is green in the fields for you

Nice Pipes

Club Action

Niamh Felton

Subcity Radio at Civic House w/ Murmuru, Passion Play, Club Action and Junglehussi

Subcity Radio is a non-profit freeform radio station supported by the University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council.
Scottish Charity Number SC006970.