Roll N Square

Roll N Square

'Roll N Square' is a showcase of a mixture of music (old & new), exclusive tracks & interviews, banter, competitions and more.

The shows music is 'Elclectro' (which is a mix between electro & eclectic), varying in style but not in quality!

Our hosts are: Chris & Hamish (Dirty Basement) & Peter Collins (of 2MankyDJS).

We are also be joined by our robot friend 'Roland Square' (Roland e-mix Studio SP-808EX) who defected from communist East Germany, tunneling under the Berlin Wall after hearing an R & S tune coming from a club on the other side. Spending his formative years in a Belgian brothel, fed only on techno. He sneaked on board a ferry to Britain, via the Port of Amsterdam. A resident of Glasgow now, he lives again in a brothel but has a more varied menu of electro house, techno & afterhours fun!


*Exclusive DJ mixes.

*Exclusive tunes.

*Exclusive first airings of original remixes & originals.

*Exclusive Interviews - With DJs, bands, musicians, producers and promoters we know.

* Competitions - To win guest list spots, beer, CDs or other goodies.

* Peter's Keepers - A tune from 'Back in the day' as picked out by Peter Collins. While Chris & Hamish were still toddling about, Peter was out throwing some shapes to these tunes on dance floors.