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Episode 020 ft People Without Shoes (TempOpmet)
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   Nappyhead Assassin
  People Without Shoes
  Rage Records
   Learn to Earn
  Down To Erf
  Beat Factory
   More Emotion
  Paul Ray
  Pear Records
   Sut Min Pik (Instrumental)
  The Boulevard Connection
  Fondle 'Em
   Feelin' It
  Brown Bag Records
   Do It For The Kids
  MF Grimm
  Fondle 'Em
  People Without Shoes
  White Label
   8ft Deep (2016 Remix)
  People Without Shoes // Trax // Phadego // Bathtubbs
  White Label
   Underground Flow (Remix)
  Cover The Child Of Destruction
  Mad Dog Records
   Don't Trust Anyone
  Street Smartz
  Tru Criminal Records
   Perfect Imbalance
  Recluse Crew
  Recluse Recordings
   Show Me The Way
  Essence Donn
  Priority Records
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