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techno // house // trance // beats

2k-OK was born as a party in london, escaping dodgy venue owners and outrageous rents to brighter days in glasgow

mostly dance music w/ guests from glasgow + elsewhere as often as we can get them

brought to you by Nathan Smith (outgoing person / OCTO CHAMP)

twitter/instagram: @2k_okay

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   22:00 - 23:00
   Tue, 04/02/2020
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2k-OK #946: 10pm on the 21st January 2020
21/01/2020 // 2k-OK #946: 10pm on the 21st January 2020

no plans for tonights show so me and Classic Simon are going to play some tracks we want show each other. Including me trying to convince him to play some of the tracks he's been working on lately, and me requiring embarrassingly little convincing to play tracks I've been working on lately

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