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The Akashic Record
experimental // minimal // international // vocal // earlymusic

Strange and beautiful music from the world tomorrow with Oliver Pitt (Golden Teacher, Akashic Records). A reminder that the experimental can be popular, whilst great pop can be deeply strange, and anything made with soul, will move any soul that hears.

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   12:00 - 13:00
   Thu, 18/07/2019
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16 - Soul on Soul
18/07/2019 // 16 - Soul on Soul

Gospel / Soul / Spiritual / vocal / Jazz

"Beyond category... like soul on soul" is how Duke Ellington described the music of Mary Lou Williams whos album Black Christ of the Andes was the starting point of this mix. It led to a collection of religious songs, big band arrangements, political spiritual jazz, and pop crooners. I've also included a few favorites by another often overlooked composer - Kelan Phil Cohran who (like Mary Lou Williams) also looked back to the roots of spiritual, religious music to create new, radical compositions.

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