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7 - Gongs, Reeds and Voices from Southeast Asia
The Akashic Record
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  Haba Haba Group
  Sublime Frequencies
   Gaw Joor Nyet (extract)
  Gongs of Cambodia & Laos
  Tiger Gong
   Sekalipun (extract)
   Bambu Wulung I
  Wukir Suryadi
   Yes No Wave Music
   Centong Nasi Kecil & Centong Nasi Besar
  Wukir Suryadi
   Yes No Wave Music
   Waiting For You At The Communal House / Go Oh Ah J
  Kaly Tran And His Ensemble
  Sublime Frequencies
   สมบัติ สิมหล้า
  حميد الشاعرى عيونها
   Isan Lam Plearn
  Aungkana Kunchai
   Son Thoeung
  Damrey Cheung Buon
  Sublime Frequencies
   Patepang Deui
  E. Fatmawati & Bintang Group
   Shwe Ku Ni Pwe Daw
  Sein Moota & Kyaw Thet Aung
  Sublime Frequencies
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