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alphabet soop
chat // hiphop // indie // world // jazzfunk

Alphabet Soop is the lovechild of an alphabetised playlist and a Bandcamp wishlist. Expect a trip down memory lane - with a few left turns - through some feel-good music from all over the globe. No genres: just chat, tunes, and learning to spell along the way. Think upbeat disco, striking instrumentalists, hip-hop gems and everything in between – get ready to tuck in.

Plus stay tuned for some club mixes and guest spots ... love, Chicha xox 

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   19:00 - 20:00
   Sun, 18/04/2021
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c is for...
04/04/2021 // c is for...

for the third instalment of alphabet soop, listen back for an hour of Turkish psychedelia, cumbia, sultry hip-hop, and other gems. featuring a special track from Glasgow-based ELOEL ... tuck in xxx

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