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electronic // bass // experimental // leftfield // world

Dive deep, but don't forget to ... decompress! Electronic, experimental sounds that tickle the mind and decompress the eardrum! ~ Aposympiesis w/ HEATNAVI ~ Every 4th Thursday ~ Episode titles inspired by homonymous tracks on the month's show

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   21:00 - 22:00
   Thu, 01/10/2020
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EP 16: Elektro Kardiogramm / A Freshers Special /
16/09/2020 // EP 16: Elektro Kardiogramm / A Freshers Special /

Hey again old and new listeners!

Prepared a one hour fresh special episode full of the usual: Electronic, Bass, Experimental, World beats, to tickle the mind and help you decompress your eardrums before the year starts for good!

On tonight: DNGDNGDNG, Danny Scrilla, John T. Hast, Paleman, Pearson Sound, Carla Dal Forno, Stand High Patrol, Tristan Arp, Kraftwerk and more!

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