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electronic // bass // experimental // leftfield // world

Dive deep, but don't forget to ... decompress! Electronic, experimental sounds that tickle the mind and decompress the eardrum! ~ Every 4th Thursday, 9-11pm ~ Episode titles inspired by homonymous tracks on the month's show

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   21:00 - 23:00
   Thu, 08/08/2019
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#6 Praying Mantis (Analog)
13/06/2019 // #6 Praying Mantis (Analog)

Last episode of Aposympiesis for this season before I am off to sunnier places.. chose my warmest picks, all gathered since the last Analog session!

Featuring tracks of Walton (Praying Mantis), Dive Reflex Service, K-Lone, Ikonika, Dengue Dengue Dengue and many more.

Tune in at 9pm tonight!

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