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Argonaut Sounds
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  Raging Fyah
  Raging Fyah
   Time and Wisdom
  Warrior King
  Truck Back
   Tell dem already
  Busy Signal
  Truck Back
   In my arms
  Truck Back
   Freedom Blues
  Roy Richards
  Studio One
  Tappa Zukie
   Dyon Anaswa
  Black Art
   Studio Man
  Love Joys
   Verse 1
  Jah Shaka
  Jah Shaka music
   Conspiracy on neptune
  Prince Jammy
   Mary Jane
  Mungo's Hi Fi // El Fata
  Scotch Bonnet
  Mungo's Hi Fi // Charlie P
  Scotch Bonnet
   Small Axe
   Africa Unite
  Bob Marley and The Wailers
   Heads up
  Junior Kelly
   Bag of herbs
  Lutan Fyah
   Dancehall Stylee
  Mark Wonder
   If I knew
  Delly Ranks
  Pure Music
   Do good everytime
  Esco Levi
  Pure Music
   Don't wanna be
  Lutan Fyah
  Pure Music
   Could a Run Away
  Gappy Ranks // Delly Ranks
   Life nuh easy
  Rhyming King
  Good Good
   Wah nail out
  Black Lion
  Good Good
   We got all rights
  Good Good
   Watch over me
  Good Good
   Fire Fire
   I feel so good
  Collie Budz
   Reggae Morning
  Ranch Entertainment
   Cheer Up
  The Wailers
   Time will tell
  Johnny Clarke
   Dread Lightly
  Tyrone Evans
   Dreadlocks postman
  Wayne Jarrett
  Jah Life
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