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Roll Call
Argonaut Sounds
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   Love Is A Treasure
  Freddie McKay
  Treasure Isle
   Hard To Confess
  The Gaylads
  Gay Feet
   Free Now
  Tuff Pak
   Bop Bop Bop
  Gully Bop
  Tuff Pak
   Toy Sound
  Bushman // Skarra Mucci
  Flash Hit
   Don't Get Weary
  Pinchers // Bounty Killer
   Who Knows
  Protoje // Chronixx
  Kabaka Pyramid
  Digital B
  Delly Ranks
  John John
  Garnett Silk
  Steely & Cleevie
   Skylarking Dub
  King Tubby
   Your Face Is Familiar
  Hugh Mundell
   Give Me Your Love
  Barrington Levy
  Time 1
   Lend Me Your Sixteen
  Johnny Osbourne
  Studio One
   Conscious Anthem
  Johnny Osbourne // Wayne Smith
   Girls Town
  The Pharcyde // Super Cat
   Fade Away
  Junior Byles
  Joe Fraser
   Jordan River
  Anthony Johnson // Little John // Don Carlos
  Youth In Progress
   Purify Your Heart
  Johnny Osbourne
   Don't Bring Me Down
  Courtney Melody
  I & I Foundation
   Mental Slavery
  Lloyd Parks // Joseph Cotton
   Roll Call
  Tenor Saw
   Just One Of Those Days
   This Vision
  Tom Spirals
  Argonaut Sounds Productions
   We Are Rasta
  Argonaut Sounds Productions
   Breakfast In Bed
  Shantha Roberts
  Argonaut Sounds Productions
   Buddy Bye
  Johnny Osbourne
   Pirates Anthem
  Cocoa Tea // Home T // Shabba Ranks
  Music Works
   Space Flight
  Jackie Mittoo
  Music Works
   Fast Talking
  Tippa Irie
   Different Slang
  Bunny General
   Healthy body
  Little Lenny
  Shocking Vibes
   The Works
  Aquarius Recording Studio
   Kuff N Dem
  Micky General
  Sip A Cup
   All Time lover
  Robert Lee
   World Best Lover
  Tonto Irie
  Wayne Smith
   A Small Horse Woman
  Shelly Thunder
  music master
   Jumbo Jet
  Everton Blender
   Put The Stereo On
  Gappy Ranks
  Chuck Fenda
  Notice Productions
   Not An Easy Road
  Anthony B
  Black Diamonds
   Peace & Love
  Jah Nyne // Ras Ijah
   Fire Fire
  Dynasty & Twelve 9
  Yellow Man
   Never Played A 45
  Macka B
   Girl, Why Don't You Answer To Your Name
  Prince Buster
  Prince Buster
   The Land We Belong
  High Note
   Love Is Overdue
  Gregory Isaacs
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