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Argonaut Sounds
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   All the time the lyrics a rhyme
  Tippa Irie
  Uk Bubblers
   Black Star Liner
  Fred Locks
   Step it out of babylon
  Palmers Brothers
   Give the people what they want
  Sugar Minott
   Good thing going
  Sugar Minott
   Something Nice
  Gregory Isaacs
   See and blind
  Jonny Osborne
   Dreadlocks in moonlight
  Black Art
   Soldier and Police War
  Jah Lion
  Black Art
  Sangie Davies
  Black Ark
   Mercy for the needy
   International Herb
  Joe Gibbs
   I will get along without you
  The Melodians
  Treasure Isle
   What a shame
  Still Cool
  Field Marshall
   Herbal Liberation dub
  peter Broggs
  Age of venus
   I've got a joy
  Fred Locks
   Mix me down
  Tony Tuff
  White Label
   Special Singer
  Lloyd Hemmings
   Rootsman a come
  Jonny Osborne
  Digital B
  Super Cat
   Black woman and child
   Dancehall Vibes
  Jah Cure
  King of Kings
   Give jah the glory
  Jah Stitch
  Blood and fire
   Righteous Kingdom
  The African Brothers
  Easy Star
   Lawless society
  The Wailing Souls
  Well Charge
   Tribal War
  George Nooks
  Joe Gibbs
   Kingston Town
  Lord Creator
   Total Dub
  well charged
   In the ghetto
  Big Joe
   Play fool fi get wise
  Johnny Clarke
   Ram Jam
  Jackie Mittoo
  Studio One
   To the foundation
  Dennis Brown
  Black Uhuru
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