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Come Shock Out
Argonaut Sounds
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   Come Shock Out
  Busy Signal
   Omnipotent Works
  Jah Nyne
   Police And Bad Boy
  Randy Valentine
  Straight Sound
   Jah Is The Fire
  Yami Bolo
  Maximum Sound
   Capital Offence
  Captain Sinbad
  Maximum Sound
   Tune In
  Gregory Isaacs // Louie Culture
  Cali Bud
   Never Played A 45
  Macka B
   Praises To Jah
  Singer Jah
   Hog In A Minty
  Nitty Gritty
   Good Life
  Anthony B
  Jah Defender
   Celebrate The Earth
  Fireson Bantu
   We Overcome
  Sizzla // Messenjah Selah
   Chant Me A Chant
  Delly Ranks
   Rock And Come Een
  Sophia Squire
  Dalton Leith
   When Love Comes Knocking At The Door
  Queen Ifrica
  White Label
   Love's Contagious
  Tarrus Riley
   Perilous Times
  Maximum Sound
   Selassie I Sound
  Robert Lee
  Maximum Sound
   More Love
  Street Rockaz
   Come Down
  Super Cat
  Wild Apache
   Ganster Paradise
  Burro Banton
  Massive B
   Mental Hospital
  Tad Hunter
  Dance Vibes
   Out Of Nothing
  Wayne Wonder
   Dream Girl
  Gappy Ranks
   My Princess
  Conrad Crystal // Sugar Roy
   Over Us
  Anthony B
  White Label
   Out Di Way
  Chuck Fenda
  White Label
   Kutchie Cup
  White Label
   Minister For Ganja
  Rappa Robert // Jim Brown
  Studio One
   No trouble We
  Tippa Lee // Rappa Robert
  Redman International
   Rebel With A Cause
  Johnny Clarke // Fantan Mojah
  Maximum Sound
   Light It Up
  Randy Valentine
  Straight Sound
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.