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Politricks & the Shitstem
Argonaut Sounds
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   Independence Ska
  Baba Brooks
  White Label
   Forward March
  Derrick Morgan
  White Label
   Cry Tough
  Alton Ellis // The Flames
  Treasure Isle
   Stop The Violence
  The Valentines
  White Label
   Better Must Come
  Delroy Wilson
  Dynamic Sounds
  Tappa Zukie
   I Need A Roof
  The Mighty Diamonds
  Well Charge
   Blood Dunza
  Johnny Clarke
   Throw Down Your Arms
  Burning Spear
   No Joshua No
  Max Romeo
   Mr President
  The Heptones // Jah Lion
  Black Art
   Green Bay Massacre
  Jah Lloyd
   Operation Radication
  Yellow Man
   No guns to town
  Natty King
   Government Gone Luuu
  Busy Signal
   State of emergemcy
  Junior Reid
   Government Live Fi War
  Lyricson // Singing Melody // Natty King
  Special Delivery
  Barry Brown
   Doun di road
  Linton Kwesi Johnson
   Political Friction
  Half Pint
  Feel The Beat
   Guns In The Ghetto
  Morgan Heritage // Bounty Killer
   War inna babylon
  Max Romeo
  Cutty Ranks
  The Shark
   D.J Government
  Digital B
   Jungle To Back-a-wall
  Buju Banton
   Yanki dollar & Queens pound
  Junior Kelly
   Keep It Up
  Brigadier Jerry
   Hypocritical System
  Cutty Ranks
   Don't Buss Your Gun
  Anthony B
   Clean up your heart
   Jukes And Watch
  Barry Brown
  Jah Guidance
   Steve Biko
  Field Marshall
   Love You Tonight
  Johnny Clarke
   Roots natty
  Studio One
  Tiger // Gregory Isaacs
   Peace And Love
  Culural Youth
  Joe Gibbs
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