Have Some Mercy
Argonaut Sounds
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   Give Thanks
  Big Ship
   Righteousness Ah Di Medicine
  Jah Nyne
  White Label
   Can't Get Enough
  Jah Hem
  White Label
   Love Fire
   Drum Song
  Ken Boothe
   way down
  Little Roy
   Watch the hypocrites
  Twinkle Brothers
   Fade away
  Little John
   Nowadays Girl
  Super Black
   Island Breeze
  Mr Murphy
  Madd Spider
   Not Selling My Soul
  Gappy Ranks
  Madd Spider
  Galaxy P
  Madd Spider
  Aba Shanti
   Turntable Dub
  King Tubby
  Striker Lee
  Black Roots Players
  Black Roots
   Call me Rambo
  Roy // Robbie
   Jack Slick
  Junior Murvin
   Top celebrity man
  Admiral Bailey
   Jah Nuh Let Me Go
   Unfair Game
   Father God A Guide Me
  Bling Dawg
  White Label
   Have Some Mercy
  White Label
   New World Order
  Cutty Ranks
  African Beat
   Fraud from Yard
  African Beat
  Solo Banton
   Mini Bus
  General Trees
  Early B
   You can have the world
   Jah People
  Jah Guidance
   Jah Jah Have The Handle
  Mikey General
   My Black Queen
  Black Scorpio
   Strong Musician
  Michael Buckley
   Defend my own
  Tony Rebel
  Digital B
   Golden Hen
  Tenor Saw
  Up Tempo
  Clinton Fearon
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