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What A World
Argonaut Sounds
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   Make it work
  Tippa Irie // lloyd Brown
  Zion High
   Book of Job
  Lady Lex
   Passion Love
  The Melodians
  Heavy Beat
   Mi Know Bout Sufferin
  Jah Ruby
  Heavy Beat
   In Jah We Trust
   Don't Give Up
  Frisco Kid
  Jah Mason
  House of Riddim
   Helping Hand
  Sylford Walker
  House of Riddim
   Black and white
  Chuck Fenda // Deliman
  House of Riddim
   I need you
  Kayla Bliss // Jesse Royal
   I Pray
  Flava Squad
   Can't Take No More
  King General
  Weedy G Soundforce
   What A World
  Lutan Fyah // Natty King
  Weedy G Soundforce
   If A No Jah
  Weedy G Soundforce
  White Label
   When we wine
  Lady Saw
  White Label
   Badder than that
  Bounty Killer // Ward 21
   Don't give up
  Wayne Marshall
   Tek boy gal
  Anthony B
   Weh Dem A Try
   Do Right
  Spragga Benz
   Gal Yuh Nice
  Duane Stephenson
   Farmer Man
  Shelly Thunder
  music master
   Kung Fu Know How
  Mungo's Hi Fi // Solo Banton // Ruben Da Silva
  Scotch Bonnet
   Put it down
  Welton Irie
   2 bad dj
  Clint Eastwood // General Saint
   Roots Man
  Tony Tuff
   Jah Will Guide
  Channel One
   Love In My Heart
  Leroy Smart
   Eden A Come
  King Kong
  Black Scorpio
  Wayne Fire
   Temme Why
  Horace Andy
   Clint Eastwood
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