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Argonaut Sounds
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   Rocking Dolly
  Cocoa Tea
   Fist to fist
  Kojak and Lisa
  Joe Gibbs
   Righteous Works
  Earl Zero
   Warrior Charge
   Satta Dread
  Wayne Jarrett
  Mafia & Fluxy
   Good memories
  Kid Prince Moore
  Blood & Fire
   Free Up Rasta
  Al Campbell
  Jamaica Sound
   Hard To Confess
  The Gaylads
  High Note
   From Creation
  Barry Brown
  Striker Lee
  Black Uhuru
   Uptown Top Ranking
  Althea & Donna
  Joe Gibbs
   Three Piece Suit
  Joe Gibbs
   Serious Time
  Admiral Tibet // Shabba Ranks // Ninjaman
  Digital B
   Come Again
  Cocoa Tea
   In Dub
  Roots Radics
  Midnight Rock
  Super Cat
  Midnight Rock
   Ghetto Youth Time
  Ranking Joe
   Wine Up Your Waist
  Ranking Joe
   Gun Talk
   Dis A Di Medley
  Admiral Bailey
  Red Dragon
   Dj Wan Bust
  Little Twitch
   Raggamuffin Dj of the year
   Gunman Lyrics
  Cutty Ranks
   Leave People Business
  Admiral Tibet
   The Enemies
   Serious Time Now
  Chuck Fenda
  Mixing Finga
   Lef them to time
  Burro Banton
  Maximum Sound
   See A Man Face
  General Levy
   Dubplate Pirate
  Soul Jazz
   Ting Deh
  Nigger Mikey
   Bad Boy
   Body Basic
  Cobra // Conroy Smith
   Modern Girl
  Courtney Melody
  Tarrus Riley
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