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Back Weh Vampire
Argonaut Sounds
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   Night Crawler
  Positive Music
   Haffi Kill Mi Dead
  Shabba Ranks
  Two Friends
  Major Mackarel // Colin Roach
  Dean Fraser
  Music Works
   Too Serious
  African Bush Doctor
   In A Di Red
  Cocoa Tea
  Roaring Lion
   The House Of The Rising Sun
  Rod Taylor
  Dub Squad
  Solo Banton
  Dub Squad
   One For Jah
  Earl Zero
  Dub Squad
  Massive B
   Can't Stop Try (Haffi Win)
  Chuck Fenda
   Talk Too Much
  Anthony B
   Signs Of The Time
   Cyaah Cow Wi Down
  Exco Levi
   Tiad A Da Supm Ya
  Queen Ifrica
   Don't Watch Da Clothes
  Prince Livijah
  Roots Hitek
   More Spiritual
  Million Stylez
  Green Lion
   Don't Be Afraid
  Green Lion
   Waiting In Vain
  Cocoa Tea // Cutty Ranks
   Back Weh Vampire
   Salone Girl
  African Bush Doctor
   Coolie Duppy
  Tony Matterhorn
  White Label
   Head A Bun
  Dj Frass
  Dj Frass
   The Ghostmakers
  Omar Perry
  Captain Barkey
  Bee Cat
   Duppy Come Again
  Nitty Gritty
  High Times
   Dry Up Your Tears
  Tinga Stewart
   Don't You Try
  Derrick Parker
  Rula Brown
   Send Them Come
  Terry Ganzie
   Devil Send You Come
  Little Twitch
   Obeah Man
  Lone Ranger
  Studio One
   Sweet Reggae Music
  Delon Screechie
  White Label
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